12 ways to make cleaning more fun


we’ve all gotta do it.

whether it’s a simple 5-minute tidying-up job, or a full-on deep clean of the kitchen, it’s something that most of us don’t approach, jumping for joy 😉 but cleaning your home doesn’t have to be miserable! it can even be fun (yes, fun) with a few easy changes to how you go about it.

now, you might not believe me…
but trust me on this, okay?!
we are going to make sure that your chore list doesn’t get the best of you this time around, alright?
sound good? 🙂

all of these ideas might not interest you.
that’s okay! even picking one or two from this little list can change the way you see that dreaded chore! (you know… we’ve all got that one)

Couple holding brooms
grab those rubber gloves, and let’s get started! 😉

  1. turn up the tunes
    everything’s more fun when you’re singing out at the top of your lungs to your favorite jam… maybe checking out a new artist? cleaning included! bonus points if you dance, too!
  2. netflix for productivity
    netflix not being used to procrastinate, say whaaaat? this isn’t practical for every chore, but if you get bored out of your mind while folding that giant basket of laundry (I hear ya) this is for you. put on a great episode of your fav show, grab that pile of clothing, and get to folding!
  3. audiobooks
    this is my husband’s go-to, especially when he’s working his second job as a custodian! he claims the time spent vacuuming, sweeping, painting, and buffing floors simply flies when he’s immersed in the world of his favorite characters.
  4. do it together
    have a roomie or a hubby? schedule a cleaning day, where you can apply all these fun pointers to your chores and enjoy the time spent together! everything’s more fun with a friend… especially the stuff you don’t really look forward to.
  5. give yourself a break
    have a depressingly long list of un-fun stuff? or does just looking around your cluttered house make you feel overwhelmed? 😦 take things one at a time, and allow yourself to take a little break in between big projects.
  6. make a game out of it
    have a sword fight with the broomsticks, see how much trash you can toss into the trash can from across the room, time yourself on a particular chore, etc. you can even award points if you’re particularly competitive 😉Couple holding brooms
  7. set up incentives
    “after I clean the bathroom, I’ll play a game/watch an episode of tv/eat a snack/etc.” giving yourself something to look forward to, big or small, can be really helpful in assisting you in getting done what needs to be done!
  8. get a snack or drink something yummy
    like #2, not practical for every chore (please don’t try this one while cleaning the bathroom! 😉 ), but if you’ve got a stack of papers to sort through and put away, or laundry to fold, give it a go! pop some popcorn, sip on some hot tea (or something stronger), try your hand at a cupcake for one in a mug, or quickly throw together a tasty veggie tray. sometimes munching on my favorite snack helps to put me in a better mood and gives me the brain power to bulldoze through that task!
  9. get rid of stuff
    sometimes funneling that frustration and grumpiness into giving junk away can be a really good thing! and sometimes it feels really good to just get rid of the stuff that’s causing your grumpiness. arm yourself with some trash bags, and tackle the overflowing junk drawer!
  10. surprise your roomie
    while your husband or roomie is out (at work, gone for the day, etc) spring into action and get stuff done! often, just knowing that I’m going to get to see my husband’s happily surprised face when he sees the magically clean apartment helps motivate me to clean it!
  11. have a purpose
    maybe you want to build a blanket fort like this one, entertain some friends, give yourself a night of relaxation, or cook a fancy dinner for your hubby? that’s a great incentive to get your home all sparkly and clean!
  12. make a list
    put it in plain sight… somewhere you can see it from wherever you are cleaning. then give yourself a HUGE celebration every time you cross something off! woohoo! make sure to have something special planned for yourself when you cross off the last thing!

🙂 feels good to be productive, doesn’t it?

have fun cleaning!

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