the friday five // 5 reasons to start your Christmas shopping in september

hey friends!

you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about autumn this and autumn that and pumpkin spice and all that jazz. so we’ll switch things up a little bit today and talk about something else… Christmas! (how do you feel about that? 😉 )

we all know I have a crazy Christmas bug! I have to stop myself from playing Christmas music until at least the middle of november, but after Thanksgiving, all bets are off!! I can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, and I’m always up at the crack of dawn (or shortly thereafter) on the morning of. everything about Christmas makes me tingle with excitement over the wonderful traditions and gasp breathless in awe at God’s great grace!

I know, I know, my (and everyone else’s!) favorite holiday is still a good 3 1/2 months away. but I think that you’ll appreciate the few pointers and ideas I have for you in this post!

so, without further to do…
friday five

5 reasons to start your Christmas shopping in september

  1. to save money!
    that’s right! right now, dozens of stores are having end-of-summer sales! and even though some of the merchandise is very much summery, lots of things are totally Christmas-present-worthy! charming charlie, target, and the christmas tree shops are just a few places that I’ve hit this month and found incredible deals (50% off the 70% off clearance? yes please!) I mean, who would want to miss that? sure it takes a bit of planning ahead of time, but that’s small potatoes when you realize just how much you’re saving!
  2. to avoid the stress!
    Christmas should be a peaceful time, but too often we’re scrambling around for last-minute gifts and panicking that we don’t know what to get for the in-laws. planning ahead of time and getting things sorted out now helps to minimize all that crazy so you can truly enjoy the holiday season and focus on what really matters… the God of the universe putting on human skin because He loves us so ❤
  3. to get better presents!
    when you’re not pinched for time, you’re able to actually put some thoughtfulness and care into the gifts you select. spending time on each person you’re buying for inevitably results in more well-thought-out gifts and happier recipients. and it really puts you in the spirit of giving!
  4. to get out of the same-old rut!
    going along with the previous thought… you’re not being bombarded with Christmas this and Christmas that, so you can actually slow down and think about what the people you’re shopping for really want and need… as opposed to what the tv add and  hundred thousand store signs are insisting they want.
  5. to bless others!
    with all the money and time you’re saving, you’ll likely be able to give gifts not just to your family, friends, and the “required” people, but to others as well. use that extra cash to give to those in need, give a missionary a Christmas bonus, purchase a cow or chickens for a family in another country (through companies like Samaritan’s purse!), feed the homeless, or whatever God puts on your heart!

are you going to start your Christmas shopping this month?
have you already started?
what’s your Christmas-shopping game plan? 🙂

happy shopping!!


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