…because he bends down to listen // pinterest, prayer, and learning to pause

what do you think about prayer?

as J and I continue to struggle through these desert days and strive to figure out what it is God is asking of us, prayer is one of those things that we constantly come back to. I’ve found myself learning wildly wonderful lessons on this often-discussed, but rarely dissected topic.

as I was scrolling through pinterest (whoop whoop!) the other day, I stumbled across this beautiful verse, and it touched my soul.

it has become one of my favorite verses on prayer…
he bends to listen

isn’t that just the most awe-inspiring image?
the God of heaven and earth, the Savior of souls, Star-breather, world-creator, rebel-chaser… bends down to listen when we speak.

when we fall and cry and burst out from the depths of our soul to Him, He bends down to listen.

and I just love the reaction to that… “I will pray as long as I have breath!”
seems like the proper reaction, huh?

but… that doesn’t seem like mine.

in the psalms they have this word… selah. I wrote a whole post about it here. it has this idea of pausing in reflection and praise. pretty wonderful, huh? 🙂

well here’s the thing… here’s my goal.
we need to selah more often in reactionary prayer.
selah-prayer in reaction to the numbing goodness of God’s bowing near to hear us.

can we try this together, guys?

can we take endless moments of reactionary selah out of our day to pray as long as we have breath?

let’s selah in reaction to Him together ❤


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