DIY yoga mat cleaner

any fellow yogis out there? 🙂

If you do yoga, you (should) know how important it is to keep your mat clean. Your hands, feet, head, face, forearms (and virtually every other part of your body) touches your mat at one point or another, so it is very easy to transfer those yucky germs from your hands and feet to your face! Yuck

You can help to reduce germs in the first place by washing your hands before practicing yoga on your mat, and making sure your feet are clean.

Even so, you should be cleaning your mat itself regularly. I have a top-loading washer, which is the one type of washer you should NEVER wash your mat in, so that’s not really an option for me. You can buy cleaners, but they tend to be pricey, and sometimes have nasty chemicals in them. So I decided to make my own cleaner.  

Making your own yoga mat cleaner is EASY!! And only requires 3 items:

Small spray bottle, water, and tea tree essential oil.

You can often find tea tree oil (it should be organic & 100% pure) at your local organic market, like MOM’s or Whole Foods. It’s not terribly pricey either, at around $5-$7.

1. Simply pour filtered water into your small spray bottle. Mine holds 3oz.

2. Add 10-12 drops of the tea tree oil for each 3-4oz of water. 

3. Put the cap on and shake gently to mix.  

To use after each practice, spray directly onto mat, wait for a few moments, wipe with a cloth or paper towel, and leave your mat unrolled until completely dry.

Enjoy that wonderful smell and your clean mat!! 🙂

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