untidy grace // a guide to surviving sunday mornings

ahhh, Sunday mornings…

The day on which we greet the day extra-early, joyfully make our way to service looking like we walked off a Pinterest board. 


Let’s be real. It’s a lot of scrambling, smearing on of eyeliner, messily pouring of coffee, making sure you don’t put your shoes on the wrong feet, snapping at your husband (who is totally rushing you and stressing you out, because of course you’re not the one causing yourself to be a frazzled mess) and hoping people don’t notice how rumpled you look walking into the service ten minutes late. Then, naturally, there’s the rushed (and, let’s be honest, fake) “hi, hello, how are you? Great!” as we hurry to get back home and put on yoga pants and take a nap.

It’s a totally real struggle.


here are a few simple tips to make your Sunday mornings a little less crazy and a little more Christ-centered. 🙂

1. Pick out your outfit the night before. I know, I know, you’re not in middle school anymore. But this is a HUGE help. When you’re not spending half an hour staring at your closet with half-open eyes, you won’t have to play catch-up with your time later on in your getting-ready routine, AND you won’t have to worry about what hilariously mismatched outfit you decided to wear in your sleepy-brained decision making. (If you have kids, set out their outfits the night before, too!)

2. Set your coffee maker to brew on timer. I realize that not all coffee makers do this, but pull out your manual and see if yours does. This magical feature causes coffee to mysteriously appear in the the carafe at a specific time in the mornings without you getting it ready in the midst of your crazy morning schedule. (Heehee!) Genius. Bonus points for setting out your to-go mug by the coffee maker the night before, too. Grab and go. No Starbucks trip needed. 😉 

3. Memorize a simple makeup routine. Find an easy and quick makeup routine that you feel comfortable with and doesn’t take too long. Having an easy, go-to backup plan really takes the stress off having to look perfect and freaking out over hurriedly applied liquid eyeliner (never a good situation…).

4. Make sure your gas tank is full enough. This might sound silly to some of you, but for me, there’s nothing quite like the gas light turning on while I’m in the middle of a mad dash to church to send me over the edge! And trust me, this has happened more than just a time or two! 

5. Pray, first thing. As you’re getting dressed, putting on your makeup, pouring your coffee… Use this time to focus on Jesus instead of being stressed out. Thank Him for clothes to wear, coffee to drink, and gas money. Set your heart on Him and get ready to worship!

6. Aim to leave 5 minutes early. Even 5 minutes can be enough time to feel like you’re on top of things and don’t need to rush. Getting to church on time will give your spirit the moments it needs to quiet in time to be able to truly soak in the message being presented.

7. Focus on others instead of your comfort. Instead of quick hello’s and goodbyes with some inauthentic “I’m fantastic!”s sprinkled in between, take the time to really pour into the lives of your brothers and sisters. Spend your time and heart on them. Show them that they are more important to you than getting back to the comfort and coziness of your home. You might be surprised at how your stress will dissipate when you’re focused on serving others 😉

8. Remember it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to have chipped nail polish and a worn out heart and only be there because you have some coffee in your system. You will have weeks like this. That’s alright. You are human. And any member of the body of Christ who isn’t pulling you in and loving on you during those weeks is being a disobedient child of God. It’s not about showing up perfect. It’s about showing up expectant.

And, plus… If you followed the first 6 steps, you won’t be looking like this 😉 

Happy Sunday!


Moriah ❤

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