the untidy grace guide to being a warrior princess

when I was a little girl, my mama took me to the library.

this was a regular activity, and probably my favorite as a wee kiddo. once in a while, our library would have a book sale, and the books could be purchased for a quarter or so. during one providential library/book store trip, I discovered what would soon become my favorite story.

now, I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but as a little girl, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the pink and florals and pretty sketching on the front of… A Little Princess.

while most children remember her other book The Secret Garden, I was soon captivated by little sara crewe and her fanciful imagination, kind heart, and resiliant spirit… she was determined to behave like a brave, strong, kind princess even when treated terribly and forced to become a scullery maid after her father’s death! (it ended well, though, I promise 😉 )

I felt as though I, too, could find it in my heart to be that brave, strong, kind princess.

and I’ve felt so ever since!

in fact, I still own that beaten-up copy of A Little Princess, it’s paperback cover just barely hanging on to the rest of the spine.

as I got older, I drank in the stories of joan of arc.
I watched rapturously as eowyn ripped off her helmet and made her declaration of femininity before plunging her sword into the nazgul’s skull. (thanks, tolkien!!)
I am no man

i didn’t just want to be a princess… I wanted to look grimy and wear armor while doing it! 😉

and so… the warrior princess in me was born.

without firthur to do….here is
the untidy grace guide to being a warrior princess:

  1. do something that makes you feel strong.
    go for a run, do power yoga, wash your friend’s car, make dinner, enter a contest… whatever it is for you… do it! you got this!!
    strong gif
  2. put on your armor
    when I get dressed in the mornings, sometimes I like to quote ephesians 6:10-18… you know, the armor of God passage. I literally feel like I’m suiting up for the day’s battle. and if you’re in a tough season of life, waking up and doing life really can feel like a battle on some days!! but with your armor on and awareness of your strength pumping through your veins, you’re ready for the battle ❤
  3. if it helps, give yourself a warrior name!
    I know, I know, it sounds so silly!! but sometimes it ignites those memories of when I was little… when I could be princess fill-in-the-blank who slayed dragons and fought armies and went home and made some tea. sometimes nostalgia is powerful!! 🙂 so embrace the silly and, like mindy, give yourself a totally on-point warrior name.
  4. fight for a bigger cause
    this fight isn’t about you!! just like any other war, this one is about a Kingdom… God’s kingdom. His causes are bigger than anything we could be selfishly fighting for. weather it’s contributing financially, getting out there and creating awareness, or getting your hands dirty and fighting alongside the broken, do something!! you could start by donating to untidy grace’s Write Love On Her Arms fund here to help kids choose tomorrow instead of suicide. ❤
  5. fight honorably
    go read the code of chivalry. it was written in medieval times, and it was the code which all knights strove to live by. I think it’s applicable now, too, though!! here are just a few snippets from it, with my updated applications! 😉
    never attack from behind… no gossiping, no hurting the honor of others.
    defend those who can’t defend themselves… orphans, kids in foster care, mistreated disabled
    fear no evil… if you are a true warrior princess (a daughter of God fighting in His army) there is nothing to fear!!
    honor truth & keep your word…. be trustworthy. be honest. be truthful.
    practice selflessness…. it’s not about you. your fight isn’t even about you. it’s about the kingdom of God and His righteousness
    don’t journey alone… grab your fellow warrior princesses and join them in battle. the fight is more bearable when the fellowship is there ❤

join the fight, warrior princess!! that’s all there is to it!

dig into the Word and battle today’s fights, ladies!!
you are ALL warrior princesses ❤

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