I wrote a post about Planned Parenthood, and it didn’t go as planned.

this post was supposed to have a different point.

I was going to talk about how despite what society tells us, the majority of women actually regret having abortions, that Planned Parenthood is ignoring the obvious fact that to voluntarily empty one’s womb of precious life and choose your comfort over another’s life has lasting emotional effects that are deeply negative and resounding.

but when I went to do my research and fact check… I was wrong.


in 2000, I wouldn’t have been.
in 2000, most women did regret their abortions, but their cries for their dead children were silenced by the greedy hands that crave money over all else, and their voices were lost in the clamor of media pointing us to the latest celebrity scandal, or political agenda.

so now?
now, I’m wrong. in 2015, fewer than 10% of women claim to regret their abortions.

and you know what?
that breaks my heart even more.

sweet church, look at your world.
things are different now. 

have you seen them?

you know… the videos?

the ones of women so casually disparaging the gift of life… the gift of carrying life… the gift they themselves posses? so halfheartedly waving their forks and glasses of wine as they giggle about tearing children limb from limb and selling them off to companies.

things are different now.

and the world spits out at us these great and wild lies… these things that are cheered on by millions and announced as “moving toward equality” and framed in carefully selected phrases in which evil assumes the position of good… that marriage isn’t holy. babies aren’t people. sex isn’t gender. disagreement is hatred.

yes, there’s always been mind-numbing evil, except now it doesn’t numb us.
yes, there’s always been rampant atrocities, except now we rampage against those who appose those atrocities.

evil is good.
good is evil.
murder is women’s rights.
self-destructive sexual behavior is beautiful.

see, the truth is, it really doesn’t matter who regrets what or how things are phrased or what the statistics show, because God’s heart has never changed.
our commission has never changed.

our God does not change with the times (malachi 3:6). He is stable and sure and holy and good (deuteronomy 32:4)…

we are still called to a life of relentless authenticity, untidy grace, overwhelming love, constant truth…

we aren’t called to die upon the hill of our own christian pride.
we aren’t called to die upon the hill of being right.
we aren’t called to die in the name of religion or tradition.
we aren’t called to die for the right to not have to grocery shop with a gay couple.

we are called to fight for something higher and bigger than ourselves, the intertwining of divine with humanity, a breathless race which, if we are so blessed, may end in our blood spilled and Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father.

because the only time Jesus stands at His Father’s right hand in scripture is to welcome martyrs into heaven (acts 7:55-57).

this world is getting messier by the day, church.
stop trying to make heaven out of the blood-stained dirt.
it’s never going to happen.
maybe it’s time for you to except that.
this world isn’t going to be good.
that bridge was burned several thousand years ago.
this world isn’t a valid option for your allegiance.
it isn’t a candidate worth being fought over.
fight for the things that last.
fight for souls.

4 thoughts on “I wrote a post about Planned Parenthood, and it didn’t go as planned.

  1. I am a pro-choice individual (don’t worry, I’m not hear to argue, just present my perspective). Of course, I am not saying that every baby should be aborted. I just think that women should have a right to choose what happens to their own bodies. The definitiveness of pro-life scares me. I could never say that ALL babies must be brought to full term just like I could never say that ALL babies must be aborted. I think that life has a lot of shades of grey and that an issue like this is not black and white.

    Late term abortions do trouble me and so do the women who casually use abortion as a birth control method. However, I don’t judge them because I’m far from perfect myself. But what about women who were sexually assaulted, or who DID use protection and got pregnant anyway? Not every woman wants a child (or a child with her abuser) but that doesn’t mean that she can’t (safely) enjoy sex. Sometimes, unfortunately, things happen. If I were to say that I agree with abortion but not late term or that only certain people should have the right to choose, then I’d be risking the rights of all women to make the best, most informed choice that they can for their particular situation. I don’t think it should be taken lightly but I’d be horrified if this right was ever taken away from me.

    Of course I don’t expect to convince you to move to my side of the fence in the same way that I wouldn’t move to yours. However, I think healthy dialogue and conversation is always a good thing. The world would be a boring place if we all agreed about everything all the time!


    1. Hey there! I’m glad you took the time to comment and felt the freedom to state your opinion! I appreciate it! 🙂
      Just as you said you believe a woman should decide what is right for her body (which I agree with!), the baby is not her body. The baby is his or her own person with their own body, and that body should have every right that another person has! That is why I’m pro-life.
      Rape is horrifying, and my heart absolutely breaks for woman who endure that… And pregnancy on top of that is something that surely must be one of the most difficult things! My best friend actually works with women in this situation. And the women who chose to abort really do regret that decision much of the time. 😦 especially when they watch the women who chose to give their children life and see how healing it is for them.
      Believe me, I am very close to this controversial debate in several ways, and I deeply understand that things are not as simple as they seem.


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