CALLING ALL BLOGGERS // virtual blogger party


blogger babes & boys!

listen up!!

because… you’re invited 🙂
that’s right, talented friends! you’re invited to a virtual blogger party, and it’s gonna be an AWESOME EVENT.

what’s so awesome about it?
there will be games, competitions, brainstorming activities, and plenty of time to chat with fellow bloggers about all your questions, ideas, hopes, and dreams regarding your blog. you’ll give and get advice, laugh about ridiculous mistakes you’ve made, and have a total blast!

what do you need to attend?
a blog
a planner
an instagram account
a facebook account
a comfy spot where no one will disturb you
a bio & photo of yourself

it’s TOTALLY FREE, so those of you who are pinching pennies don’t have to worry about throwing money into this! (I’m right there with you guys)

when? saturday, september 5th
what time? 7pm
how? via facebook

so how do you RSVP?
find me on facebook ((moriah avrick)) and message me your RSVP!

are you ready to plan out your blog posts?
get organized?
get more views and traffic to your blog?
make friends with other super talented bloggers, like yourself?
do you struggle with staying inspired?
posting regularly?
committing to your blog?
are you a brand new blogger?
do you have 10 followers? 
or 6,000?

then this virtual party is for YOU 🙂
come hang out with us!!

better yet…
if you reblog or share THIS post, I’ll make sure to give your blog an awesome shout out the next time I advertise this event!! 🙂

be ready to instagram your progress, give your fellow bloggers a shout out, and get your posts shared!

I’ve been working hard on making this a great event, and I’m so excited for everything I’ve got planned ❤ it’s really going to be a fantastic evening, and I don’t want you to miss it!


let’s get those RSVP’s rolling in!!

xoxo ❤

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