why “friend dates” are important

I love that term… friend date. I think everyone should “date” their friends! 😉 that’s what it is, really, isn’t it though?

you meet at a coffee shop, grab dinner, chill at their house… it’s all “friend dating“.

and it’s super duper important!!

just like in romantic relationships, friendships can fall into the same old routine of doing what you always do without really being mentally present and emotionally available for the person you’re spending time with! sometimes you need to set aside the time, put it in your planner, and go on a freakin’ date.

My family once went out of their way to make an inconvenient stop in boston on our way home from visiting family in new england so that I could see a friend who I very rarely see, due to her living 9 hours away from me. it’s one of my very best memories!

friend date4

here’s why friend dates are so important:

  1. love language
    for those of us who can say that their love language is quality time (take the test to see what yours is here… bonus points if you take it with a friend!!), the act of someone purposefully setting aside important time to spend with us is HUGE. it’s like a giant “I LOVE YOU” action that will send your quality-time friend through the roof with happy friendship feelings. ❤
    friend date5
  2. intentionality
    being intentional about the people in your life is a huge step in relational responsibility. if you’re going to expect something to stand the test of time and truly last, you need to be intentional about nurturing and caring for it. your friendships work the same way. without proper care, they’ll fall by the wayside and fade over time. if you can’t commit yourself in a friendship, you probably have a hard time committing in other things too. maybe this is an area that needs some work in your heart.
    friend date6
  3. value + worth
    if you truly value something, you will spend time and money on it. if you don’t, you wont. it’s just that simple. if you’re not excited about the prospect of “dating” your friends, maybe you don’t place enough value and worth in the relationships you have with them. maybe you need a self check-up, or maybe you need to evaluate if those are healthy friendships.

friend dates can look like almost anything, so long as the focus is spent on quality time and getting to know one another better… aka not preoccupying your minds with watching a movie or other activity that will distract you from one another.


it can be an epic adventure like a planned day trip to the beach or other area ripe for exploration, or as simple as a couple hours spent cradling coffee cups over a table in your local starbucks. maybe you’ll make a fun craft or cook dinner together, or perhaps your friend dates will look more like a personally created yoga flow or long walks around your neighborhood!

what other ideas do you have for “friend dating”? do you date your friends? 🙂

have fun investing in your tribe ❤

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