summer bucket list / final update


summer is coming to an end! it’s been a long one, guys. lots of good, lots of bad… just… lots… this summer has been full.

remember a way long time ago when I talked to you about my summer bucket list? 🙂 yeah, well, the summer is nearly over, and I think it’s about time I gave you one final update on that little list!

  1. beach yoga: CHECK
    this was way fun. I told you all about it here!! 🙂
    tree pose variation2
    wheel pose ocean


  2. shoot a video: CHECK
    it’s actually one I created for my church, with people from my church (including the beautiful and multi-talented Simone of the adventures of everygirl), on the topic of authenticity and bearing one another’s burdens. watch it on youtube here. it’s not what I’d originally envisioned, but I think it does the job, and if it speaks to anyone and moves them to action, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. ❤


  3. write a bible study guide: NOPE
    this didn’t pan out quite as I’d hoped. ah, well…


  4. ride a ferris wheel with J and kiss at the top: CHECK
    yay!! this was WAY FUN.


  5. finish the book I started, The Way of Kings by brandon sanderson: PROGRESS
    I haven’t finished, but I haven’t stayed at the same place, either. I call that progress, and I think that’s a good thing 🙂

I didn’t complete everything on my list, but I did complete most of it. and I think that the ones I completed are the ones that mattered most at this time in my life. I completed the ones I needed right now, and I grew because of them. and I think that’s really, really awesome.


how was your summer?
did you knock off everything on your bucket list?

happy end of summer, and hip hip hooray for the approaching autumn! ❤

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