the friday five / 5 reasons you might need a mini retreat day

it’s FRIDAY.
don’t you just love it?

fridays are great! and on this particular friday, as school is looming its hectic head and the stores are already filling with halloween candy (seriously, people, what is up with that?), I’d like to let you in on a little secret that has proven to be very valuable to me over the years.

mini retreat days.


what is a mini retreat day, you might ask. and I would say, “oh it’s just the most wonderful thing! you mark a day on your calendar, turn off all your social media, grab all your creative goodies and relaxation stuff and take a whole day for yourself to recharge and renew.

because it is!
it’s amazing, and from time to time, it’s 100% necessary!! there are seasons of life that are generally overwhelming and crazy, and sometimes, in order to preserve your sanity, you’ve just got to escape for a bit. either in your own home or in a cute little coffee shop a couple towns over.

(With donuts, naturally, because delish!)

here are a few ways you might be sneakily telling yourself you need one of these:

  1. you handed the cashier your phone instead of your credit card
    no this has never happened to me, why would you ask?! but really… we’ve all been at the point of complete frazzled-ness where it feels like your hair is standing on end and the world is spinning ten times too fast. whether it’s trying to unlock your house with your car key faub (of course I’ve never done this….  🙂 ) or accidentally ordering your latte iced, this is a sign that you definitely need some peace and quiet.
  2. you realized you were crying over a budweiser commercial
    I feel you, girl. you’re worn out. not just physically and mentally, but emotionally too. and probably socially. it’s time for a breather and spending some time alone (maybe dig out your journal!) to refresh those oh-so-important emotions.
  3. you couldn’t remember the word “Car” (or any other simple word that the average human ought to remember) yeah. This has happened. This is brain burnout. And it’s not good. Too much info and not enough time to process is a recipe for disaster. I mean… Just… Okay?
  4. you’ve eaten lunch in the bathroom (or bedroom. or other absurd place to eat food of any kind) to get some space to yourself. Really though. You’re craving some alone time. Even you can’t convince yourself out of this one! Doesn’t a whole day of that (minus the dread of someone coming searching for you) sound like a downright vacation? That’s right it does. BAM. Time for a mini retreat.
  5. Your heart beat a little faster when it saw the word “retreat” in the title of this post. You may have heard the hallelujah chorus, remembered the moment you fell in love, felt as though it was Christmas morning, thought you smelled your grandma’s homemade cookies baking, or seen William Wallace bellow “FREEDOM!” in your mind’s eye. Or you may have simply thought yes please. Either way, I’m pretty sure you need this.

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