3 things to pray when you take your meds

anyone else out there on lovely medication?

just me?
nah, I didn’t think so 😉

medication is an awesome and wonderful gift from God to those of us who need it to live a healthy life! but it can also be frustrating, annoying, or discouraging to have to remember to take them, be sure not to forget them when you go somewhere, etc. it can feel a bit like a ball and chain, reminding you that you’re just thaaaaat close to a mental breakdown or physical collapse (or both!). it’s tough stuff, guys!

I’ve started saying a short prayer every evening as I throw back those pills, and it’s helped me get a little perspective on the grace of God and how much He really loves me and wants me to be well. 🙂

I thought I’d share a bit of that today!

3 things to pray when you take your meds

  1. thank you for providing
    a lot of times, these medications are expensive, and getting to the point where you’re on the right dosage/right medication is a tough road. I thank God each day that He has provided for me to be able to have this medication, that He’s shown me through this, that He is loving and that He is actively caring for me. I thank Him for the financial ability (even if just barely) and the wisdom of doctors that has made this medication possible for me to have.


  2. thank you for this good body
    even with the weaknesses it faces, and the mental challenges it’s endured, my body can do amazing things! I can laugh and have conversations. I can drop over into a backbend. I can teach people about Jesus. I can hug the hurting. I can worship the Lord. even in its fallen-ness… this is a good body!


  3. thank you that you’re coming again
    “even so come, Lord Jesus!” I’m so thankful that He’s coming again, and when He does, I won’t need medication anymore. I won’t need therapy. I won’t have to battle anxiety or depression. I’ll have a brand new body that can do things this one never would have dreamed of. I am so excited for that day!! and the road I’ve walked has only made me more so 🙂

what do you think?

will you be praying along with me? 🙂

till next time

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