everyday makeup tutorial // guest blogger

Hello sweet readers 🙂
today I have something very special in store for you!!

an awesome gal I know has started a youtube channel to showcase her makeup tutorial talent, and she’s been kind enough to share with us today!

her name is angie, and I think you’ll like her a whole lot 😉
maybe you remember this post of mine, where I shared about my favorite lip colors by elf? 🙂

well, angie’s everyday makeup tutorial uses almost exclusively elf brand products, so you can get her look for scarcely a dent in your wallet! awesome, right?!
click here to watch her everyday makeup tutorial, and read on for the step by step instructions!

Hi lovely people!

My name is Angie Morrow and I am a beauty vlogger on YouTube! My channel is called Anzhelic Makeup. Obviously it’s a name that most people will not know how to pronounce, but if you go check out my channel and my “Get To Know Me | My Introduction” video (click here to watch!) , you’ll definitely understand why I chose that specific name and what it means to me personally 🙂

I created this specific video “My ‘Go To’ Makeup Tutorial | Everyday Look” because I wanted to create a look that I can just wake up to and immediately know what I want to look like for the day. Lesss be reaaaaal, no one cakes their face every day, right?! I mean….right? Well, I don’t for sure! If you watch this video there are some key concepts in looking natural but still having that elegant look. I have some awesome tips for you guys down below that I think will help you to better understand that makeup isn’t all about covering the natural beauty of the face.

BTW: most of the products I use in all my makeup tutorials is e.l.f. Cosmetics, if you guys have never heard of e.l.f. Cosmetics, you obviously haven’t lived! It is SOO GOOD. You can find all the products at Target, eyeslipsface.com AND at your local CVS (this was just announced like a week ago! I almost died). They are like the most affordable products ever and they leave great results every time.

TIP 1.

  • Find a moisturizer that soothes the face and primes it before the actual face primer. I use the OLAY Complete SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer EVERYDAY! Like, FOR REAL. It’s cheap and it reduces aging and wrinkles (we don’t want that) I LOVE IT!!
  • Find a face primer that works for you! (I use the e.l.f. Cosmetics Tone Adjusting Face Primer BUT they have like over 6 primers to choose from) You actually don’t need to use a face primer if you don’t want to, but I have seen better results with my foundation going on smoother with face primer. The solution in the face primer allows the pigmentation of powder and foundation to stick better and it just give the face a more flawless look! 🙂 (which I LOVE)

TIP 2.

  • Eyes, Eyes, Eyes! Lesss talk about them eyes! If you aren’t BIG about eye primers, that’s totally OKAY because I never used eye primer myself. It gives the same results with the face primer, but on the eyes. You will find that your eyeshadow will go on smoother and allow the pigmentation of the shadow to stick better to the eye (like, glue…lol jk) I used the e.l.f. Sheer Eye Primer and it works AMAZINGLY WELL!!

TIP 3.

  • Find a light/medium transition eyeshadow color for the crease (I use the e.l.f. crease brush which is only $3, to apply it to my crease)
  • For the base of my eyelid, I used the e.l.f. Smudge Pot in the shade “ain’t that sweet” (not going to lie, not my favorite cream eyeshadow) Just find a light color that contradicts with your transition color! This will allow the eye to look alive, bright, and natural 🙂
  • You can use any eyeliner you want, best trick for me is to only go HALF WAY on the lower lash line! This allows the eye to look bigger and it complements the eyeshadow as well. This makes the most sense if you watch the video!
  • Last step, apply mascara to upper and bottom lashes!
  • EYBROWS! I used the e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit in the shade medium and I just filled in the brows, nothing too fancy! This has been by far the best eyebrow gel for me!

TIP 4.

  • I used a powder foundation. Pick a natural color that blends with the skin more than usual. You want it to look natural and elegant, NOT caky!
  • USE CONCEALER AFTER! Whether with foundation, powder, etc. I used to apply concealer before and then I realized it looks WAY better when I applied it after. Pick a concealer that highlights as well as covers blemishes!! This gives the face a more natural glow!
  • BLUSH TIME! Don’t cake it on, lightly apply it and if you need to build it up more, than do as you please.
  • LIPS! If you aren’t too big on lipstick, or lip-gloss; go with a more nude color or just use regular lip balm. You want to bring a little color to the lips! But not too much 🙂

Phew! OKAY. I’m done! I hope you guys found all of these tips helpful for when you decide to go for a more natural look but still have that elegant vibe! Come visit me via YouTube and remember to subscribe!!


Ange ❤

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