the friday 5 / five FREE apps every 20-something girl needs

it’s true.
smartphones have overtaken the world. 😉

I love love love my iphone, guys. I mean, with social media like facebook, pinterest, and instagram at my fingertips, what’s not to love? ( I so ❤ insta ) although, if I’m honest I probably abuse the privilege as much as the next gal. oops.

BUT! aside from the time-wasting social media apps we all love and use constantly, there are some pretty great apps, too, that can really come in handy in your day-to-day activities! I mean, we all have our phone on us all the time, so why not take advantage of it, right?

so I’ve compiled 5 life-saving apps that I love for you today. plus, since I’m pinching pennies, each of these is totally, 100% FREE!! that’s right 🙂

(and a quick fyi, these are all for my iphone-owning ladies.)

1. seize the day
this is like the reigning queen of all to-do lists. add things you need to do in detailed form; prioritize them by day and importance, add tags for easy searching of things you do often, and ask your phone to remind you. it will even leave a pesky push notification flag for you with the number of undone items until you check them off! you can totally go back and review completed items, too… you know, for a confidence boost 😉
to do

2. my fitness pal
okay. so much good to say about this one. start by entering your goal weight, and whether you want to be gaining muscle, losing weight, etc… log all your food and exercise into this super comprehensive app, and it will total up your calories, give you encouragement when you eat stuff that’s good for you, and let your share your successes with friends! but what i LOVE about this app is that it already has literally thousands of foods pre-programmed into it with all the nutritional information, including foods from restaurants. so you can search for that brand of cheese stick you have in the fridge, and it will automatically add all that stuff in for you! SO EASY guys.
fitness pal

3. spotify
okay, I love music. so much so that I would be spending a TON of cash ($$$!!) on it, if it weren’t for this beauty. technically, the app is free, but the service is $10 a month for unlimited music from almost every artist!! (taylor swift, why did you have to leave?) plus, discover new music you might like via their awesome suggestions! zero commercials, following friends’ playlists, and customizeable playlists make this a no-brainer.

4. bank mobile
lots of banks have a mobile option, and J and I LOVE ours! we know exactly how much is in our accounts at all times, and we can transfer money, check past payments, and more right from our phone. genius!

5. shopping list and grocery pal
this is one I’ve just recently downloaded, but i’m very excited for the possibilities here! scan in items as you shop, or add them manually. it keeps track of what you buy, and you can create different lists for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly shopping. plus, if you scanned it in, it will save the price, so you know how much you’ll be spending before you even set foot in the store!!

there you go!
my list of 5 FREE apps that every 20-something girl needs in her phone!!

if you don’t have them yet… go download them now!

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