nibbles + scribbles / DIY blanket fort birthday on a $20 budget.

think fast!
$20. husband’s birthday. what do you do?

well, if you’re me (which, I guess you’re not, but whatevs…) you’d do this:
1. cry a little. because $20. not much.
2. find your resolve because you’re superwoman and can do something frickin awesome with $20.
3. brainstorm.
4. come up with a totally brilliant plan.
5. hit up the dollar store.
6. hit up the cheap-o section of target.
7. high-five yourself for not venturing further into target.
8. venture further into target.
9. take back your self-five in defeat.
10. go home with your dollar store snacks and target goodies.
11. build an epic blanket fort.




but not just any blanket fort.
a cozy, classy, romantic, roomy, totally-better-than-anything-you-made-as-a-kid blanket fort.


because you’re a freakin’ grown-up.

here’s how I did it (for real).

1. plan + sketch
once I’d decided I wanted to create a cozy, blanket-fort birthday night, I grabbed paper and pen, sat in the room I would build it in, and dreamed big! from fun and aesthetic (what did I want the inside to look like? how could I make it romantic? which sheets would look prettiest from the outside? how would I decorate it?) to practical (how would I hold it up? what furniture would I use? which sheets were lightest in weight? how would I light it?) I also planned activities and decided how I wanted the flow of the evening to go (movie? snacks? board games?).

2. gather + shop
I searched the house for every possible thing that we had that I wouldn’t have to buy. then I ran out to the dollar store (where I bought candy and snacks) and target (where I got things like mini chalkboard signs and other small decor items). in fact, my shopping list was this: pringles, skittles, ritz crackers with peanut butter, popcorn, sour gummy worms, goldfish, twix bars, movie from target’s $5 bin, 2 mini clipboards, mini galvanized bucket

3. layout + construct
I got everything I’d need together, moved the furniture to where I wanted it, and began the trial-and-error process of setting up the fort. don’t get discouraged here! it took four different tries before I found that a white, removable wall hook was the only thing that would support the weight of two sheets hanging from twine! 🙂

4. decorate + design
add all your cute little decor pieces! grab extra blankets and pillows to make the inside cozy. hang Christmas or bistro lights. make a simple bunting strand to add some whimsy. haul in your laptop for movies, lap tray for balancing edible goodies, or other fun necessities. bring in any gifts.

5. sentiment + extras
I added some sweet touches, like a list of “fort rules”, a quick note full of camping puns with the snacks, and a long letter to my “happy camper” just outside the door of the room where the fort was. I set up a little table with the letter, fort sign, and comfy pj’s for him to put on before he crawled in!

6. camp + cuddle
enjoy your ultra-cozy fort as you camp-in with your love! party on, chill wives. your hubby is gonna be inTENTSly pumped when he sees this 😉



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