product review / ELF matte lip color

okay ladies.
this one’s for you.

I’m pretty picky about my lip color.
I expect three things out of it.

1. it’s gotta be just the right color
2. it’s gotta last all day
3. it’s gotta fit my teeny tiny budget

I don’t like lip gloss because everything seems to stick in it. (I’m not trying to catch flies, here.)
I don’t like lipstick because it wears off in like two seconds. (okay, longer than that, but still.)
I generally gravitate towards lip stains, but sometimes those can get pricey.

so you can imagine my happiness when I found THESE.


ELF’s matte lip colors.
I originally snagged the red one because I was in need of a bright red lip color for an event, but didn’t really have the money on hand, and it was $3. THREE DOLLARS, PEOPLE.

I must say, I wasn’t expecting too much after my run-in with loreal’s (much more pricey) lip crayons which rubbed off so fast it was like I had never put it on. (booo… disappointment!)

when I actually tried it, it was practically a revelation.
this stuff stays for hours and hours and hours.
it doesn’t feel cakey or dry.
it keeps its vibrancy.
seriously, guys. this stuff is ahhh-mazing.

they come in a vibrant, smoking hot red and a muted, dusky pink, called rich red and tea rose, respectively.
(I did my best to edit these images to look as close to the actual color as possible!!)

color red
color pink
I love the red to add a pop of color to a black and white outfit, or to spice up a fancy evening’s look.
the pink is a great summer shade, but I’m thinking it’s also going to transition into my autumn wardrobe super easily!

between the two of them, they can go with just about anything.
these two are quickly becoming my favorite, go-to colors in lip wear!!


plus, you can grab them right in your local target, or drug store.
these two colors are the only ones I’ve seen yet, but here’s to hoping more appear!!

have you used ELF’s lip crayons? 🙂
if not, run out and grab your own NOW!!

***all opinions are mine. I was not asked to write this article or compensated for it by ELF brand or anyone else.***

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