goodbye myrtle beach

today we drive home 😦

so, on this last morning of vacation, while everyone else was still asleep, I had one last, glorious morning of sunrise beach yoga.
and this time the breeze was mild, the air was cool, and the beach was downright deserted. 🙂
my wonderful, amazing, incredible, loving husband woke up at 6:20am to take pictures for me ❤

that’s love, gals.

and let me tell you.
this morning was none of that crazy wind.
this morning was pure. bliss.

downward dog three legs
downward dog variationnothing is quite as peaceful as yoga on the beach at sunrise. ❤
nothing at all.

plow posewarrior
tree pose variation2
this variation of tree pose is one of my favorites. so still and peaceful, with such lovely lines

wheel variation

and my little turtle pose. 😀
mini firefly

but I can’t lie.
I couldn’t resist the ocean itself.
I’ve seen so many beautiful yogis take such beautiful photos, posing in the surf, and I had to follow suit with my all-time favorite pose ❤
wheel pose ocean
wheel pose ocean2
fyi… really hard to balance when you’re sinking in shifting, wet sand, ha!

well, my body is now relaxed and calm so I can hopefully SLEEP on this drive home after waking up at such an ungodly hour haha 🙂

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