summer bucket list // progress report


remember my post about my summer bucket list? (go ——> here <—— to read it!)
well, I thought I’d give you a little progress report, now that I’ve knocked off a couple items 🙂
of my 5 big items, I’ve done 2, and made progress on 2 more!
I’d say that’s pretty decent!

since saturday, my hair hasn’t been dry for a full day, I’ve smelled salt and felt sand, and it’s been fantastical.
and make all sorts of progress on my bucket list has only made it that much better!

1. sunrise yoga on the beach
sunrise yoga
sunrise yoga3
I’m sorry.
so, I did this about an hour ago. I made myself get up at 6am after having hit the snooze alarm for the past three days and lugged my yoga mat, phone, bible, and self out to the beach. you guys. YOU GUYS. IT WAS SO WINDY. I ALMOST DIED. LIKE SAND WAS IN MY EYES, COULDN’T SEE, BLINDLY YOGA-ING WITH TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE BAD. it was probably hilarious. BUT I DID IT. and tomorrow I’m planning on doing it again when there is (hopefully) less wind. and I’ll get real pictures with my real camera 🙂
if you so desire, have a look on instagram to see a little time-lapse video I took!

2. shoot a video
for this one, I’ve got plans in the works, and am working on the screenplay! I know what it’s going to be about (no, I’m not gonna tell!!) and I know it’s gonna be AWESOME. 🙂

3. write a bible study
this one is the only one I haven’t really done much with, but I think I might go with Malachi as the book to base the study on. there is SO MUCH applicable amazingness in that one book…

4. ride a ferris wheel with J and kiss at the top
DONE 🙂 and it’s the second-tallest one in north america, at that!! yesterday J and I drove down to south myrtle beach and hopped on the skywheel. wowzah! SO. HIGH. it was a bit scary, but 100% worth it. and yes. we kissed at the top ❤ and afterwards we got ice cream. because yum.
the inside of the (climate controlled, super cushy!) gondolas was pretty tight for my camera lens, so I snapped a few photos with my phone!
those views were SPECTACULAR. 😀

5. finish the book I started
I’ve made progress here, too!! not a lot, but definitely a good chunk 🙂

plus, I think my outfit choices have been pretty on-point.
my packing list (read —-> here!) has served me well!!
but more on that another time 😉

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