monday pep talk // what I’m listening to: the wonderlands sunlight EP

what do you do on weeknights?

personally, you know, I like to curl up with a bottle of hard cider (amiright?!), and a cup full of pens and markers and general color-creating, havoc-wreaking instruments.

and, of course, some inspirational music floating into my ears.

while this week isn’t the average for me personally (HELLO VACATION!!), I’m still enjoying (and needing) my chill out alone time, and a huge part of that for me is the right music that soothes my soul.

if you’re like me, with a fondness for good art and good music, do yourself a favor and check out this amazing artist.
jon foreman just released an ahhhhmazing new EP full of good vibes, lilting positivity, and lyrics full of depth and heart.
it. is. wonderful.

he sunlight EP is the first of four in the wonderlands series, and there will be one song for each hour of the day. (obvs a total of 24 songs)
how genius is that?!

jon foreman took to instagram before sunlight was released to show off his song titles.

the first single (your love is enough) from the next EP in the series, shadows, was just released the other day, too!!

click here to take a look-sie and give a listen to these sweet tunes. 🙂

have a darling week! ❤

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