hi there loves ❤

you’re quite swell, you know?
you’ve been faithful to the blog, encouraged me constantly, and inspired my heart.
I’m so happy you’re in my blog-life! 🙂

I’ve often talked on here about my struggle with anxiety, and how it has made the most profound impact on my life.
I talk about grace and God’s wild goodness in it all.

well, today I get to tell you about my diagnosis.

I’ve officially been diagnosed with a plethora of long-winding words that mean I’m scared of lots of things because my brain improperly processes information regarding them. (wheee!!)

yesterday I finally got to the doctor, who gave me some meds and took a bunch of my blood.
between her and my (wonderful, amazing!) therapist, I’ve come to see that I have the following:

GAD (generalized anxiety disorder)
mild depression
trauma-enduced entomophobia (fear of insects) remember those bed-bugs that were given to us in march…? yeah, they’re to blame for this one.
mysophobia (fear of germs) apparently this is closely intertwined with the fear of bugs, and if you have one, you likely end up with the other
cleithrophobia (fear of being trapped) often confused with claustrophobia, but cleithrophobia can strike in places like a large room when the exits are blocked.

the good news is, that because the entomophobia was trauma-induced, it should begin to dissipate as my anxiety ebbs from the glorious meds. it shouldn’t return once it does, or if it does return, it shouldn’t be as severe. and the mysophobia should go along with it!

well, it’s been quite the ride, and I’m sure it’s barely begun, but being able to name the culprit feels SO GOOD. the future looks bright for my mental health ❤

if you’re having anxious or depressed thoughts that persist, GO SEE A THERAPIST OR DOCTOR.
catching my anxiety early on could have prevented at least two of these phobias from ever existing in my brain!!
seriously. go do it.

moriah ❤

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