coconut milk, I sing your praises

hey you!
yes, you!

have you ever tried coconut milk?

yeah, I know I always lead my posts with weird questions.
but, honestly you should just be used to it by now 😉

let me back up.

I like milk.
(stay with me…)
I’ve always been a big milk-drinker. my mom really drilled it into me as a kid, so I just kinda grew up loving the stuff. it’s tasty by itself, with chocolate, and with pretty much everything in the world.
it’s got loads of calcium, too! you know, strong bones and all that. 😉

as I got older, I still loved milk.
I started wondering if all that dairy might be partially responsible for some of the health issues I’d developed.
which of course was super sad considering how much I love milk! booo! 😦

I’ve tried soy milk in the past, and it pretty much killed me.
dramatic? me?! pshhhh… 😉
but really. soy milk = bleh in my book.

so I tried almond milk.
this wasn’t terrible, taste-wise, but it always left me with that chalky, nutty taste and feel in my mouth, like I’d just eaten a handful of almonds.
now don’t get me wrong! I love almonds! but I don’t love it when I get the weird aftertaste and none of that crunchy, salty goodness. it just felt weird to me.

then, just a couple of months ago, I discovered coconut milk.
and *cue dramatic music* my whole world changed!

okay, maybe not my whole world.

but let me just tell you right now.
this stuff…. it’s good.
like… really freakin’ yummy good.

the brand I’ve found to be highest quality and most delicious taste is SO Delicious.
no, that tasty irony is not lost on me 😉

it really, truly is SO DELICIOUS!! 🙂
I, personally, like the lightly sweetened vanilla coconut milk, but it also comes in an unsweetened version, as well as both sweet and unsweetened chocolate versions (which are totally tasty, too!!).

this is amazing both on its own, in recipes (like smoothies!), and over cereal… try the sweetened chocolate flavor over rice krispies!!

and FYI, here are some of the amazing benefits of this coconut milk:
just 80 calories per serving
totally organic
more calcium than cow’s milk

also, it has a much longer shelf life than cow’s milk.
(not like it actually lasts that long in my house!!) 😉

so, here I am encouraging you to give this yummy beverage at least a taste.
you SO won’t regret it!!

***SO Delicious company did not ask me to write this post, nor did I receive compensation in any form for doing so. all opinions are mine.***

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