monday pep talk // meeting Him on the mat

hi sweet friends 🙂

I have something very special and beautiful to speak with you about today!
if you’re like me and have made a holy commitment to following Jesus, you’re gonna be pretty psyched about today’s post 🙂

if you follow Jesus, you should be meeting with Him every day.
that’s a simple truth that rings true no matter who you are or where you’re at in your Jesus journey.
and if this is something that’s a habit for you (it 100% needs to be!!), then you know how your time in His presence will completely transform and uplift your day like nothing else in the world can. ❤

there are lots of ways to do this, and I know several incredible fellow followers whose times of quiet with Jesus look totally different.
I think that is so amazing!! 🙂
it blows my mind and makes my heart happy to know that we were each created to interact with our Creator in a way that is unique to our soul and His heart.
no one else’s time with Jesus is going to be quite like yours.
there is no “one right way” to do it! 😀

today though, I’m showing you how I meet Him daily.
I meet Him on my mat.
The best part of my day is when I get to read Scripture and then meditate on and pray to the glorious God who guides my steps while worshiping Him with my body on my yoga mat.

monday pep talk

I haven’t spoken too much about my yoga practice on this blog, but that’s beginning to change.
mostly because the way I practice yoga has changed.
in addition to simply using it to better my body (which is an awesome use of this workout!), I’ve begun to use it as a way to meet with Jesus.

here’s what my average morning time with Jesus looks like:
1. pull out my mat.
I grab my yoga mat and have a seat, cross-legged or in lotus, and take a few deep breaths to shut myself off from the rest of the world and prepare to meet Jesus.
2. read a chapter of my Bible.
any chapter. pick one. today I re-read malachi 1. powerful, convicting stuff.
3. pick a verse.
I close my eyes and take a few more deep breaths, then pick a verse or section of what I just read to focus on during my yoga flow.
4. yoga flow.
I usually divide my flow into four parts–
humility: these poses are mostly forward bends, keeping the posture of my body the same as that of my heart, as I bring myself into His presence. my mind focuses on the bigness and holiness of God, and I allow myself to feel small and drown in the swell of reverence. child’s pose and humble warrior are two of my favorites for this portion.
child pose

praise: I change my posture to that of joy as I recognize the goodness and grace of God! 🙂 heart openers, and poses where I’m reaching and looking to the heavens fill my heart with praise and joy.
reverse warrior

strength: my posture changes again as I root myself in the glory of God and ask Him to fill me with His strength and power to get through the day with a heavenward mindset. I choose poses that make me feel rooted, unshakeable, and strong.
tree pose variation
downward dog

preparation: for the final time, I change my focus to that of coming back to the center of who God is, and preparing my heart for the day. I come back to simple, reflective poses that help me feel secure, safe, and at peace in Jesus, and leave me calm and collected to begin my day.
cobra pose
child pose2
lotus pose

that’s what my time with God each morning looks like!
I find for myself, that when the posture of my body is echoing the posture of my heart, I tend to sink deeper into the intimacy I crave with Jesus, I have fewer distractions, I am less tempted to fall towards tiredness, and my body and spirit both feel refreshed.

I encourage you this week to find the way that works best for you to meet with Jesus every day.
what is it that brings you closest to Him with the fewest distractions?
what makes you feel alive in your relationship with Him?

do that!

if you’d like to try yoga as a means of meeting Him, go for it!
it’s a beautiful experience that is all about practice… not perfection.
you’ll have “off” days, (I had one of those today!) but those days are just a greater opportunity to recognize your weakness and lean harder into His grace and goodness!! ❤

case in point: this wobbly hand and shaky pose 😉
hand to big toe

and as a little side note, this is my playlist, in order of how I generally use it during my flow:
humble– audrey assad
good to me– audrey assad
anchor of hope– ellie holcomb
i need thee– jadon lavik

if you’re on instagram and decide to meet Him on the mat this week, join me and use the hashtag #untidygrace, so I can be sure to see you there! 🙂

enjoy this week, friends!! ❤

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