#lovetheinbetween // 4 ways to breathe deep and deal with loss

summertime, sunshine, and studying 1 John with my babe is what perfect days are made of.


in other words, I was supposed to write this post yesterday.
and it was supposed to be about something else.

I know I do this a lot lately.
perhaps you’re tired of it.

but life is such, that things aren’t really going as planned lately.
like when you find out your therapist is moving.

and I need to be okay with that, and learn to adjust and change in order to be able to be okay with that.

so this is me- changing, adjusting… becoming someone new 🙂

and here are the four ways I’ve been learning to cope, breathe deep, and deal with loss.

1. writing
journaling every day, writing things down when I’m anxious, blogging on here for the world to see, creating poetry, and working on my great american novel (*wink*). there’s something powerful and special about seeing your own thoughts in ink. it makes it real and strong and heavy with truth. it’s like taking a giant inhaled breath.

2. cuddles
yay for cuddles!! it’s scientifically proven that cuddles help everything. thanks to all that Oxytocin that’s released when cuddling happens, it helps to boost your immune system, relieves pain, reduces stress, and overall makes you happier. so when you’re attempting to cope with a tough situation, grab your friend, your mom, or your significant other, and get your cuddle on. ❤

3. prayers
pray. over and over again. always. constantly. every moment. every emotion. every doubt and fear and hope.

4. tough day box
make yourself a TDB. 🙂 include tissues, notes to cheer you up, a snack, and anything else that will help to make things a little easier on you. then give yourself a break. cut yourself some slack.

everyone goes through times that feel unbearably, impossibly, miserably hard.
wake up, take a shower, put on your makeup, grab your coffee.
you will make it through.

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