monday pep talk // a fathers’ day tribute

so… father’s day was yesterday. ❤

I’ve got a pretty great dad.
Moriah + Joey_196
Moriah + Joey_193
Moriah + Joey_199
Moriah + Joey_259

we’ve been close my whole life, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to raise me.

I know some lovely people for whom that’s not their favorite day.
the loss of a dad, or the presence of a not-so-great dad, or the loss of a not-so-great dad… all can contribute to the general unhappiness of the day.

but I thought I’d chat with you about something anyone can identify with.

lessons learned.
particularly, from dads.

whether you learned them through positive or negative means, we’ve all learned something from that man in our lives we call dad.

last week the challenge was to JOURNAL.
did you do it?! I did!! 🙂
my challenge for this week is to act on some lesson you’ve learned from your dad.

if you’re fortunate to have bunches of lessons you’ve learned from him, pick just one 😉

my dad always told me: “leave everyone, everything, and everywhere better than when you found it.”
so this week, I’m challenging myself to ask that whenever I say goodbye or leave a room/object/place/situation if I’ve left it better than when I arrived.
I don’t have to leave things perfect, just better.

isn’t that what we all want to do, really?
make everything just a little better? 🙂

what are YOUR lessons you’re acting on?


happy monday ❤

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