Monday Pep Talk // how to journal like a pro, in 5 easy steps

Hi sweet readers!!

And a very crappy, er, um, happy Monday! 😉

Last Monday we had a chat about how being healthy and feeling good makes a world of difference in how your week goes, and a simple way to improve your health is to drink more water. how did you do with your water intake last week?! (Check out last Monday’s post here). I’m doing far better than I was before, even if I’m not hitting the 9-cup mark every day.

This week I thought it might be nice to take a quick break from physical health and focus on emotional health 🙂

An easy and fun way to keep up with the flow of thoughts and feelings in your brain is to JOURNAL. Some people are scared of that word. (I hope you’re not one of them!!) but even if you are, I am determined to teach you to love it! 🙂

Often, the reason people are scared of journaling is because they’re picturing pages and pages of well-worded intimate thoughts in perfect, Jane-Austin-esque handwriting. If that’s your thing, go you! If not, don’t worry! You can journal your own unique way!

In fact, lucky for you, I’ve come up with a five-step process to help you learn how to do just that! You’re welcome. 😉

1. Find a binder/journal + a mini notebook

Pick a binder that you can change the cover of, or find a journal that just says (your name here). Make sure to decorate it/get it ready to be used!! Also grab a mini notebook to carry around with you during the day. (I’ll tell you why- keep reading!) How easy is that?

2. Cultivate personal and outward awareness

Turn perceptiveness and self-awareness into your new hobby. Use all five of your senses and really seek to absorb the world around you. Pay attention to how the things around you, (which you are so well noticing! 😉 ) effect you and how your day goes (well or poor). Things are often more intricately connected than they first appear- make it your mission to find those connections!

3. Make notes during the day

Did the kindness of the barista who made your coffee this morning jump out to you? Did seeing a mother yell at her child in the grocery store make you upset? Did it give you joy to make someone’s day with a simple smile? Did the lunch you are with your friend taste fresher and yummier than usual? Write it down in that nifty mini notebook of yours. Look at you. You’re already journaling. I’m so proud. 🙂

4. Find a quiet space + chill

Go to that spot where you can truly focus and just relax without the pressure of distraction or discomfort. Cushy pillows, a blanket, hot tea in my favorite mug, and a sweet-smelling candle are some of the necessary elements in my quiet chill space! What are yours? Pull out your journal/awesomely-decorated-binder, a pen, and your mini notebook; get all settled in and prepare to journal. 


5. Express yourself!

Use a marker to scribble a single word that describes your day, draw a picture, tape in a piece of your day (ticket stub, flower, coffee sleeve, etc…), write an inspirational quote or bible verse that helped you/came to your mind, write an itinerary of your day, try a “Dear Diary” entry, write something in a beautiful font, give it a kiss with some lipstick on, let your tears fall on the page, write a single sentence, write a letter to yourself that morning, make a collage, talk about why you love one person in your life, summarize the notes you took during the day, list 10 facts… YOU CAN DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT. That is the beauty of journaling!! 🙂

I have been journaling since I was twelve years old, and the way I do it has changed constantly! It’s so neat to see how I’ve grown over the years, and it is such a special thing to look back and witness my whole life over again through my own eyes at each of those times in my life. The deep things my heart has felt, dealt with, and persevered through, are all preserved in paper and ink, and that is an incredible journey and story that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Journaling will make you more observant, more in-tune with yourself and your feelings (which makes you more prepared to handle those pesky emotions!!), more aware of how people’s actions (including your own) effect others and yourself, and more in control, because you are taking the time to reflect on your day, your Creator, and yourself. 🙂

I dare you- try it for a week!! You won’t regret it! And of course… I’ll be reminding you 😉


moriah 💜

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