Let’s be real

okay guys. Time to chat.

There is something that is so not okay, and it’s swept through our social circles, our churches, our own souls.

We’re fake.

Not transparent or real or authentic.

We don’t Jesus-love one another into a safe place where we’re not afraid to share our hearts and lives with one another. We don’t create an environment of peace and non-judgement where the fragile can be broken and the gentle can share.

We judge and point fingers and shun the people we don’t like, and we create an environment of false smiles, choked-out “I’m good”s, and half-hearted kindness, which, let’s be real, isn’t kindness at all.

We pad our selfish hearts with metaphorical pats on the back and prideful self-congratulations for petty cruelty and understated bullying.

But for heavens’ sake, let’s be real! Let’s cut the crap and just love one another. Practice kindness, gentleness, love, and goodness. Those are fruits of the spirit for a reason!!

No one should have to feel unwelcome in a church, as I, a gal who grew up in that scene, have on several occasions.

This may be a very small and crudely constructed plea, and perhaps no one will read this at all, but it’s painfully from my heart and deeply on my mind.

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