the friday 5 // five bad habits to break by the time you’re 21 OR adulting, in 5 easy steps

ah, here we are.
you made it through another week, and I think that’s pretty spectacular!
a round of applause for you!! 🙂

oh, friday, how we love thee.
the promise of a whole 48 hours of sheer chill time.
yeah, you can cry with joy. I won’t tell 😉

what will you be doing?
grilling in this splendiforous weather?
hitting the beach to get some color and have some fun?
gluing your face to the netflix?
a little of all of the above? 🙂

well, here’s what I’m doing on this happy friday:
writing the first ever FRIDAY FIVE, y’all!!
YEAH!! 😀
the friday five

what’s in this week’s edition?
5 bad habits to break by the time you’re 21. 

that’s right, guys. it’s time to grow up. (sorta)
there are just certain things you’ve got to be able to do in order to successfully navigate the adult world (says the girl living in her parents basement...), and the things keeping you from doing that have to go!

5 bad habits

1. eating junk food for snacks
you’re an adult now, and it’s time to take care of yourself!! once in a while, a junky snack is a-okay! tonight I’ll probably eat some chips and have a drink after dinner. but that’s not the norm. carrot sticks and dip, apples with peanut butter (skippy totally has to-go peanut butter packs, and it’s awesome —-> here), a snack baggie packed with grapes and blueberries and strawberries, sliced cucumbers, celery, cheese sticks, oranges or clementines, homemade fruit smoothies, greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs; those are all super-simple, quick, on-the-go-able snacks that are good for you and will make your body happy!! 😀 find out what you like and go for it! if you’re just starting out, substitute more healthful crakers or homemade popcorn for chips or similar things.

2. not having a routine
time to establish some sort of normal and give yourself a little responsibility. whether it’s waking up 30 minutes early to do some morning yoga, making your own dinner a few times a week instead of depending on the cafeteria or mom, doing your laundry on the same day each week, ending the day by journaling, or whatever suits you, start a personal routine that you can take both comfort and pride in. when you step out into the real world, all the responsibility won’t seem as overwhelming if you already know you can be responsible with a healthy routine!

3. giving up before you’re done
see. things. through. don’t be that grownup who does their job half-heartedly or can’t quite finish something before the deadline. don’t be that person who starts something and can never seem to finish. be a driven, passionate person who puts their all into everything! finish what you start. work hard. do battle with discouragement. or you won’t get very far.

4. being fake
NOBODY NEEDS IT. do yourself and everyone else a favor and just be real. be an authentic you. if you’re seriously struggling with something, be honest. if you’ve got doubts, state them. if you want to say something, stop being afraid. if you’re using other things to mask your insecureties, slowly break them down and start figuring out how to be the best you that you can be. authenticity is so precious, and people will love it. ❤

5. forgetting about others
empathize. when all else fails, empathize. begin and end with empathy. when you don’t understand what someone is going through, simply give them a hug and walk the road with them. be a person others can trust to be a safe place to hurt. people love empathetic people. and empathetic people have stronger and more meaningful relationships. empathy will take you oh so far in life, if you’re willing to touch and be touched by another human heart.

and in just like that… *POOF* you’re an adult.
ha. wouldn’t that be dandy? 😉

can we work on some of these together? I think the hardest for me will be #3.
but we can do it!! I believe in us!!

till next time

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