#lovetheinbetween // in which my new favorite holiday is celebrated

extra sweet.
extra ice.
extra cute cup.

how do you take your iced tea? 🙂

well, moriah, that’s a weird question, and even weirder way to start a blog post. why do you ask?
let me tell ya 😉
it just so happens that today is a VERY HAPPY NATIONAL ICED TEA DAY!!!

seriously guys, this is a thing!!
june 10th, people!

and because chick fil a has the freaking best ever sweet iced tea, I had to make a quick little trip to the nearest one on this perfect afternoon.

and because I am the kind of person who doodles on everything in sight and turns bottles into cute pieces of artwork, I had to pour aforementioned sweet iced tea into my new favorite hand-lettered cold to-go cup.

(which, by the by, I am totally selling this weekend at the untidy grace open house party. check it out here!)

really though, there’s no better way to spend a warm and sunny june afternoon than attempting to tan some color into your ghost-like whiteness (seriously guys, don’t laugh.) and relaxing with a cold glass of iced tea. ❤

this might be totally is my new favorite holiday.

d(disclaimer: this was most definitely taken with my camera timer while waiting for husband to get out of praise team practice. church members likely think me quite self-absorbed.)

in other news.
after a couple of very long, exhausting, tough days…
we are officially sort of moved into our little back corner of my parents’ basement.
officially sort of.
was that contradictory?
yes? ehh.

b(I clearly love color, yes 😉 )


spectacular, no? ha!
it’s certainly not complete and not really feeling like “ours”, but at least it’s our own space, which is more than we’ve had for the past two months.
hopefully this won’t have to be “home” for more than the next few months!! 🙂

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