MONDAY PEP TALK // drink more water

your very first monday pep talk.

the monday pep talk

I’m really excited about this post, not just because it’s the first in a new series (wheee!!) but because it’s about something that’s really crucial to having a healthy week, and it’s something that, ahem, I’m not so good at.

that’s right.
I’m giving myself a pep talk this week, too!

we’re going to tackle this thing together!! 🙂

what is this thing to be tackled, exactly?
drink more water

drinking water.

all us ladies are supposed to be drinking at least 2.2 liters of water a day, which turns into roughly 9 cups.

drinking enough water keeps you energized, is great for your skin, and helps your body function the way it’s meant to, which basically just means great overall health!! what keeps us from drinking water anyway?

what ought to be the most simple of all healthy routines seems to be super difficult for me!
but I think I’ve figured out a thing or two about why that is and how I can change it!!

1. find the right container.
seriously. I’ll be done with a huge cup of water in just a couple minutes if I’m drinking it through a straw. in a normal glass? forget it! plus, with a lid and a straw, it’s portable, so I’m more likely to take it on the go! my husband likes the disposable water bottles, and he downs those in less than a minute sometimes!! what’s the easiest container for you to drink water from? 🙂
FYI, how about this cute little number from the untidy grace shop?!

2. find the right temperature.
if water is room temperature, I’m not going to drink it. I’m just not! I might pretend I’m going to, or really, really try, but I just hate the feel of it. I like my water with lots of ice- so cold it almost hurts! But my husband can’t stand his water that cold! what temperature to you like to drink your water at?
living detail4

3. re-fill, please!
don’t forget to keep re-filling your glass!! this is what I always forget to do. when you finish it, fill it back up. find a way to remind yourself of this!

4. keep a tally.
I’ve been thinking of making a fun download for you to make this part even easier (and cuter!). what do you think? would you all like that? it’s an easy way to know how much water you’ve had to drink, and how many more cups you have to go. 🙂 then, reward yourself at the end of the day when you’ve had all 9 cups!

make it your goal this week to drink the amount of water your body needs each day! on Thursday, I’ll even be posting some fun water infusion recipes to kick up your water-drinking game 😉
I’ll be working on this, too.

we can do it together!!


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