schedules // in which things get reorganized ’round here

Hey you! 🙂

I’ve got some exciting news!

As you may know, I’ve had to abandon my menu plan monday posts since fleeing the creatures in our apartment in April.
whew. ugh. blurg. yuck.

I loved posting weekly in that series, and when I no longer had a reason to, I felt that this blog got a little lost. before all of that happened, I also had plans in the works for more weekly series, and an outlined blogging schedule.
well, sweet friends, it is finally completed!

*fireworks, happy dance, and hallelujah chorus*

I will be posting at least four times a week, in four different weekly blogging series!!
I’m super excited!
(and yes, that is little moriah 😉 )

I spent a few hours yesterday compiling and organizing a schedule and plan for this month and next. and you should be excited too, if I do say so myself 😉
this month alone, we’ll be celebrating national iced tea day, acting on advice from dads, experimenting with some new DIY’s, and ending the month with a smash giveaway!

each monday, we’ll kick off the week with a monday pep talk, attempting to implement one small thing that week that will help build good habits and make our week better!
the monday pep talk
tuesday, I’ll be blogging about how to #lovetheinbetween. making the most of what little you have, planning for the future, and personal life updates will all be a part of what happens around here on tuesdays!
after a quick break on wednesday, thursday we’ll hop right back into it with a recipe and DIY series I’m calling nibbles + scribbles.
nibbles + scribbles
finally, we’ll say goodbye to the workweek and hello weekend with one of our favorite pals (lists!!!), the friday five.
the friday five
excited yet?!
’cause I’m practically off the walls!! 😀

I’m so excited to get started sharing more and more of the fun and the frustrating with you ❤
what do you think?
are you excited, too?
what do YOU want to see? 🙂


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