dear bride… // a letter to a getting-married friend

dear bride,

it’s great isn’t it?
it’s a rush, isn’t it?
it’s a grand, big, forever kind of love that wraps you up like a blanket and makes you tingle down to your toes.

it’s great isn’t it?
Moriah + Joey_321

I know you.
I know it’s been years in the making, this forever-seal of affection.
I know it’s the wildest dream-come-true, real-life magic kind of special.

it’s great isn’t it?

I know you.
I know your gentle heart, your deep anxieties and stuck-to-you shadow of that groggy depression-battle.
I know your deep-rooted health struggles that make you a hero every day just for getting up and living life and being who you are.

I haven’t been married long, dear bride, but already I’ve tasted the sweetness of forever-friendship, deepened by the best love ever. and already I’ve been stung by the sorrow of “that’s-not-what-I-signed-up-for”.
I’ve battled these rough storms by my husband’s side.
battled so hard.
Moriah + Joey_286

and you will, too.

I’ve been in the room with you at 2am, the night where air stopped and tears started because fear and holiness outweighed the rest. and I’ve felt the depth of your devotion to the One who gives and takes away.

you’ll need that.

marriage is a ride, and the wildest one of them all, dear bride.
it’s all or nothing. it’s an everything’s-on-the-table kind of bet.
and, in all honesty, that’s kind of scary.

it’s the scariest thing you’ll ever do, to swear to love someone when their failures bring you down along with them, and your struggles pull them through the mud of your pain.

and to further hang on to one another when life unleashes round after round of ammunition at your new little family.

to go and obey, together, not leaving each other behind, when the Lord calls upon you.

to promise to let them into your ugliness. all of it. even the crying-on-the-bed-over-an-absent-dinner-ingredient ugliness.

but… love covers a multitude of sins…

so love, dear bride.
love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength.
with 100% of you.
cling unwaveringly to the depths of His grace upon grace…

grace, grace, grace, grace for the short tempers, misunderstandings, life-altering trials, heartaches, hopes…

and then love your husband.
with 100% of you.
my husband told me once that only God can make it possible for you to love Him with 100% of your heart and your spouse with 100%. God’s goodness goes beyond logic!

dear bride, your life is brewing storm-wild in front of you.
take your beloved’s hand.
Moriah + Joey_390
it’s great isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “dear bride… // a letter to a getting-married friend

  1. Oh my goodness! I love this post. I am a newlywed (we will be married 6 months on June 20!), and I love how you shared your heart about marriage so openly and honestly. Such truth and love! I’m glad I found your blog through Instagram!


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