3 monochrome swimsuits I’m pining for

what time is it?

I’m gonna be honest.
this statement doesn’t thrill me like it used to.
I always had this dream in my mind of the “perfect summer” (what even is that?), and the older I get, the less perfect summer seems!

let’s face it.
I don’t hate my body, but I’m not 100% lovin’ it (mcdonalds, anyone?) either. especially after those extra post-wedding pounds. let me tell you. it’s a struggle.

And while eating healthfully and keeping my body in shape is something I truly strive for, I don’t always meet my own goals, whether from my own laziness (womp womp…) or from circumstances beyond my control (being ill, in the middle of a move, etc); so I wanted a swimsuit I knew I could feel comfortable in now, in the place my body is currently.

so this summer, on top of my already tough-to-shop-for pear-shape, finding a swim suit that hit all the personal requirements I wanted/needed was next to impossible a bit extra challenging.

There may or may not have been tears in the oh so many dressing rooms and grumpy, post-shopping afternoons… 😦 feel me at all, ladies?

but I think after weeks and weeks of looking, I’ve finally found a few that meet them 🙂

1. 4b0b14117ae3e625711455d0c3b1f234
here: TARGET
how much: $39.99
why: mesh, slanted bands, and the color black= slimming, covered, but still a little edgy and showy!

here: ModCloth
how much: $102.00 for the set (bottoms: $40.00 /  top: $62.00)
why: high waist. freaking adorable design. what’s not to love?!

3.b8301f048e9afbfca3228d08307fd887 (1)
here: Beverly Swimwear
how much: $75
why: vintage fit look, fantastic stripes!

What do you think of these three?
Would you wear these summer suits? 🙂
what are your flattering, favorite summer go-to’s?

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