DIY mini succulent pots


Spring is in full swing, peeps 🙂 you know what that means?

GROWING THINGS. All sorts of green and growing and fresh and living things. I love them! Only problem? I kind of suck at keeping them that way… Alive, I mean.

Anyone else have a brown thumb? Just me? Cool. 😛

Well, lucky for me (and perhaps you, brown-thumbed friends!) one of the cutest new trends in seemingly everything currently, is succulents.

You know the ones- those hardy, adorable little cacti-without-the-spikes-looking guys.

Well, they live through everything!! I’ve forgotten to water them for weeks at a time, and each time they leap back to life! They just don’t die! It’s a dream come true for a brown-thumb like me 😉

with the exception of a few reaching-for-the-sun bends…THEY EVEN SURVIVED BEING TOSSED IN THE BACK OF A CAR AND BEING FORGOTTEN IN A BASKET FOR A MONTH. What even?! Do they survive a nuclear blast, too?

Anyhow, now that I’m in-between homes (and in between everything else), I’m desperate for a little green and growing sign of hope. And I’m desperate for a little spring DIY 😉 so I’ve decided to give my little succulents a new little outfit! (Heehee!) NEW POTS!

All you need are a couple supersimple things. I literally spent $1.


Target had the mini pots 2/$1, I already had the paint pen and the succulents. (Both of which you can get pretty inexpensively at a craft store and either a supermarket or plant nursery!) You could definitely also use regular paint your have on hand, and a paintbrush, but I was too lazy for that, so I cheated and used the pen! 😉


Make sure you’re not going to get paint on anything else, yourself excluded if you’re feeling all tapped in to your inner artist. 🙂 (I’m a child and therefore needed to remind myself of this.) Teehee!

Pick a witty saying to write on that pot! I had two pots and decided to make a matching set.
Here are a few ideas for things to write:

I will survive

Stayin’ alive!

Reach for the sky

I think I can…

All you need is sun

I chose to tap into my nerdy side with a Trekkie quote 😉

“live long and prosper”

Pretty cute, no?!


I’m super excited to wake up to the view of these two adorable plants in their new little pots each morning and be reminded that I, too, am still growing, even through these waterless, tossed-around seasons of life. even with my accidental bumps, bruises, reaching-for-the-sun strains…

I am being made new


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