#whyiblog / these girls took the challenge!

what’s up, all? 🙂

before J and I made the trek to raleigh, (you can read all about how that played out here) I shared with you this sweet post my friend simone wrote on why she blogs.
this is simone. she is super cute.

well, two other gals I know took my challenge, as well, and though I’m a bit late on sharing them with you (sorry ladies!), they both did a wonderful job of outlining just why it is that they share their lives on this internet platform called a blog 🙂

check out aubrey’s post, here at her blog, ordinary adventures.
this is aubrey and her adorable hubby. they are also super cute.

and don’t forget about meg (whom I’ve introduced you all to, previously), who also shared over at her blog it’s meg.
this is meg. she (unsurprisingly) is also super cute.

show these fabulous ladies some love, blogosphere!! ❤
they totally deserve it!


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