oh yeah, so, that’s what faith looks like…

look how cute we are.
Moriah and Joey
that’s my guy.
my person.
my absolute forever favorite and all-time, best-ever best friend.

and lately, as things have been really freaking hard, he’s been my completely steadfast constant, pointing me to the God who holds all things together.

all things.
as in, job opportunities that fall through, leaving you disoriented and without income or means to finish the move you started.
as in, a situation that leaves you stranded in your parents’ basement as a married couple, feeling like you failed somehow.
yeah. those things.

those are the things He’s holding together and working for goodness and glory.

my heart is basically exploding with thankfulness at God’s grace right now you guys.
lots of that perfect peace that passes all understanding is being poured into my soul today and yesterday.
which is good, because as far as circumstances go… well… those basically suck. big time.

and yeah, this is where I read the Bible and see how people leapt out in faith…
flung themselves from spiritual ledges into great and deep canyons of the impossible where God had to come through.

and I’ve said I wanted to live that way.
said I wanted to take those leaps and pray those great big sun-stand-still prayers and do those mountain-moving things.

and here I am.
on the edge of this cliff of uncertainty, sun glinting on the shards of stinging doubt that litter the way down, trembling. knowing that the true, deep growth of God’s church in Raleigh has been laid on my heart in a heavy and powerful way, but still I’ve been cowering at the edge.

until now.

J and are taking that leap.
hand-in-hand, we are flinging ourselves from this spiritual ledge.
God has to come through.
Jehovah Jireh
as I scribbled so roughly on the back of a scrap of paper yesterday morning, I know He’ll provide!

I’m declining a job offer that would have been toxic for us, and we’re planning on moving anyway.
the great job hunt is afoot!
that job was only a means to the true end, anyhow…

we’ve chosen to believe that this burden for the start of organic churches in Raleigh is a true and heavy one from the Lord, and we’re believing that if He wants us there, He’ll give us jobs.
and honestly, that is so incredibly biblical, that we have more peace now about this than we have during any other step in the process.

living a life where the Spirit is front-and-center evident is the most terribly wild and most incredibly peaceful life I have ever lived.

I’m so excited, guys!!

being back from raleigh and having a little better idea of what we’re now up against also means I am ready to return, full-force, to this beautiful blogging world.
I’ve missed it so much!!

you, dear readers, are my inspiration and little bits of happiness 🙂
I am SO HAPPY to be back.

pray for J and I, okay?
because God is real and big and good, and He’s doing something really wild and incredible right now.
see y’all oh so soon!!

moriah ❤

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