a life lesson on planning // this post was supposed to have a different ending.

first things first.
this is going to be a good one 🙂

“but Moriah, all your posts are amazing!”
ah, thank you, thank you. 😉

I wrote this post two days ago, and I had to re-write it because everything totally changed and got messed up, and things felt too insane, and I felt too crazy to go on any longer, and I almost threw my camera bag at someone’s face.

you’re really excited now, aren’t you.

thankfully I mostly recovered.
and now…

I am excited about today’s post.
it’s got two parts to it, and those two parts are almost equally exciting.

today, I’m introducing you to some fabulous, fellow lady-bloggers (squeee!!) AND sharing my wildly failed plan for a low-stress (maybe no-stress? we’ll see? <—– HAHAHA) packing day!

if you read yesterday’s post (click here to take a looksie!), you know that I took a few moments to share with you the reasons why I blog. it just so happens that a few fellow blogger friends of mine decided to take up the challenge for themselves, and will be revealing THIS WEEK their own #whyiblog posts!! one of these ladies has already done so, and you can read her post here:
simone | the adventures of everygirl

I can’t urge you enough to go check out her fantastic blogs and see for yourself just how sweet this lady is! I’ll make sure to let you know when the other gals have published their own #whyiblog posts!


in the meantime, I’ll fill you in on the wild life of the avricks 🙂


saturday was pack-up-and-get-out-of-the-apartment day!
*cue balloons being released and angels singing*

I was excited, but I knew that with my level of anxiety and how crazy the day is going to be, I couldn’t go into it without a plan.


I started by making an anti-stress, everything-planned, no-loose-ends bag.
because apparently I have become freaking superwoman.
was it worth staying up till 2am last night, creating an organized binder with colored tabs and color-coded labels and a happy, encouraging note to self to not be discouraged?

what do you think?
leslie knope3

here’s what I packed:

lavender essential oil
apartment checklist / to-do list
packing box contents list
sharpie marker / pen (multiples)
lined paper
tape- for closing boxes
packing paper (so, it isn’t going IN my bag, but I have to take it, soooo….)
coffee (yes, I am going to stop for a venti at starbucks. no judging.)
water bottle
salty snack (low blood pressure, y’all)

hand sanitizer
encouraging note to self

phone charger
labels for boxes
binder to store to-do’s, check lists, and labels in

leslie knope herself would be proud.
*dries tear*

this is how I do.
I was pretty nervous about the stress level the day was going to be full of (we’re technically just moving into storage, so it’s like all the crappy parts of moving, without the “woohoo! new home! we have this beautiful new place!” feeling), but also excited to just get it done with and not have to have this apartment hanging around in the back of my mind anymore.
we can just move on and focus on what’s next instead of having this giant annoyance strapped to our backs. 🙂

plus, once May hits, we are gonna be SO busy until the day of our actual move.
but more on that LATER 😉

after friday night’s epic packing-organizing-super-woman-ing, saturday came.

here’s where the life lesson comes in.
you can plan all you want to the wildest extent, and things can still go horrifyingly wrong.
1. the truck we reserved… was not reserved.
so fun. I love it when people and businesses are unprofessional and ridiculous.
2. we didn’t have enough boxes.
read: we didn’t get enough boxes from the endless supply of boxes at my dad-in-law’s workplace. womp womp.
3. dead bugs. all the places. nuff said.

“gee, moriah, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine. I thought you said this blog post was going to be a GOOD one.”

hey now!
(you’re an all-star! wait what…)
I totally already warned you that this post was supposed to have a different ending.
you know what, sometimes life just rains all over your very detailed moving plans parade, and you just gotta roll with the punches. like this:
1. cry a little.
seriously, it’s okay to do this. it is a crappy situation.
2. tell your mom you need a hug.
this is a must. you’ll probably get mascara on her sweatshirt, and she probably won’t care.
3. do your best.
pack what you can. clean what you can. work hard. recognize your progress.
4. go get some coffee. and lunch.
more coffee and good food do a lot of good after a discouraging day.
5. chill out before jumping into your backup plan.
don’t talk or think about what you’re going to do now, until after you’ve caught your breath. eat your food, drink your coffee, drive home… and then start thinking again.

hopefully our backup plan goes more smoothly than our first try.

don’t forget to watch for tomorrow’s post about what I’m packing for a four-and-a-half-day business trip / mini vacation!!
now THAT is gonna be a fun post 😉

2 thoughts on “a life lesson on planning // this post was supposed to have a different ending.

  1. This binder is magical, can I hire you to come be my mover/planner when I move again?! I’m a horrible mover. Or at least share all the knowledge behind this beauty!!


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