why I blog

as the gold swirls with grey at the edge of the treeline and the last slice of the flatbread I couldn’t quite finish goes cold, hush lands over my heart for the first time in a fair while, and I can pause to reflect with calm joy on the reality I’m living in now.


inside all the hectic and the messy gasp-air living I’ve been doing, my life- my beautiful, God-blessed, grace-filled life -is a gloriously lovely story.

and I’m socks-off blessed to be recording it in this format to share and declare it’s untidy beauty for your sweet souls.


so it occurred to me… I ought to let you all in on a few secrets…
well, they aren’t really secrets.
they’re the reasons why I blog.

why I blog
1. to stay sane
I blog to spill the tears and giggles and anxiety and hard stuff and craziness and busy and failures and excitement and change out of my soul. to get it out of me so I can see it and digest it instead of just maddeningly feeling it all. to get it outside instead of inside. to put it down so I can see it and understand myself better. to be able to formulate my emotion and grasp my reality.

2. to cultivate my talent
blogging is more than just raw emotion. it’s emotion boiled down to what is useful and coherent (most of the time!) and appropriate. other times, it’s carefully formed words and pre-concieved thought and deliberately planned diy’s and recipes. it’s a planned schedule of when to post what and a commitment to improving myself by taking criticism with sincerity and taking the time and energy to make it happen. it’s hours of editing and thoughtful writing. it’s practice, practice, and more practice.

3. to keep a commitment
it’s good to take on healthy amounts of responsibility and have a habit of being a committed person. to be able to stick to a schedule and meet deadlines is a necessary life skill in the real world. in the blogging world, it’s the same way. in order to be successful and have a blog that people will want to read, you must be committed to churning out quality work on a weekly (or for some, daily!) basis. that kind of commitment is crucial to countless parts of life! why not start with a commitment to something I love- blogging! 🙂

4. to do what I love
this one’s easy!! I LOVE BLOGGING. have you been able to tell?! I really do. it’s my own, beautiful space for reflection and happiness and contentment. it’s my virtual comfy chair with a steaming mug of moroccan mint tea. 😉 it’s my comfort zone and a wild ride, all wrapped up into one package that I get to share with old friends, new friends, and friends I haven’t yet met! it’s a place of beauty and me-ness, all to myself.
blogging is what I love. ❤

why do YOU blog? 🙂
share your reasons why in the comments below!

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