when life hands you bedbugs… act on an awesome job offer and move south.

hello, you dearies!

you may have been wondering why I so mysteriously disappeared from the blogosphere for two weeks.

well, your answer is this: bedbugs.

yeah. you heard that right.

those horrifying, miserable little creatures of doom that are practically invisible until your husband accidentally wakes up at 6am and catches one.
liz lemon4
(I’m so sorry… I feel like these gifs are a childish move, but at the same time… they’re so ACCURATE.)

I’ll spare you the gory details….

simply put, just over two weeks ago, J woke up to find a little guy crawling in our bed. (um… GLUH!) I promptly leapt from under the covers, nearly scrubbed my skin off in a searing hot shower with an entire bottle of soap, put on the singular, nowhere-near-bedbug-level outfit I could find, and headed promptly out the door of our apartment.

while I escaped to my parents’ house, my super-sweet and totally amazing husband stayed behind to prepare the house for the exterminators.


after a week or so of spraying the apartment, setting traps, and all the other complicated, chemical-filled things they do, we are bedbug free (hallelujah!).

that said, I have negative thirty-nine percent desire or incentive to return to the apartment, so… WE ARE OUTTA THERE.


the Avricks are moving.


for the second time in the first year of marriage.

because we’re totally insane.


scratch that.
planning to move is really stressful.

I love the actual moving day.

I’ve moved bunches of times.

opening boxes is like Christmas morning, and deciding where everything should go makes me feel like a TV interior designer, all “well, if I put this here, the flow of the room becomes obstructed, but here it gives an air of comfort and luxury”.

I never understand my designer alter ego.
she uses funny words.
obstructed flow?
air of luxury?

who am I…….

but the waiting and the limbo and the in-between part that comes before the actual moving part….?!


I’ve broken into tears at least seven times over stupid things like where we’re going to get boxes, or what if we can’t find anywhere to get rid of our couch, or what if we get to our new apartment and I forgot to label the box with the coffee maker and I’m coffee-less the next miserable morning.


I’ve had dreams about this, guys.

new girl

but, I’ve decided it’s time to suck it up and pull myself together and do what all great planners/bloggers/obsessive humans do.


I’m in the process of making a super insanely adorably cute nice and professional checklist to take with me when we look at apartments next week. (I’ll share, I promise!)

looking at apartments!

and I’ll make sure to fill you in on a great box-packing method!
I’m super lucky to have my amazing mom (who’s basically a moving pro) to help me with all of this.
I think I’d die without her help at this point.

the past two weeks (amid my stress-induced insanity) have been pretty darn lovely with her.
she literally took me out on her own birthday to get a couple new clothes to wear until the ones from the apartment could be safely salvaged and rescued from the evil creatures.
she’s incredible.

we basically just eat a ton of amazing homemade food.
like spicy seasoned sweet potato fries…
or homemade vanilla ice cream
or stovetop popped popcorn made from Lancaster kernels!
yeah, that day was a pajamas and gilmore girls sort of day.
it was a good day.
a very good day indeed.

as far as the job and everything else, I’ll be sure to fill all of you sweet humans in very soon.
I know that this post wasn’t incredibly eloquent or even all that witty, and I’m sorry, considering I disappeared for so long. but I promise it will get better as I get my feet back under me! 🙂
expect lots of goodies and excitement on our packing process, new fun checklist printables, house-hunting, exploring our new city, and all our wild adventures to come ❤

but for now… it’s sleep for me.

oh what’s that? I didn’t mention where we’re moving to?
I guess you’ll just have to tune back in tomorrow 😉

and here’s to no more coffee-less morning-after-moving dreams (or creepy neighbor dreams, or broken down on the side of the road moving truck dreams…), yeah?

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