lately I love…

so. today I discovered gifs

well. not really.

I knew they existed long before today.

but today I discovered how to put them into a blog post.
I’m so sorry.
you’ll learn to forgive me…

another rainy day… booo…
(and for all my nerdy-freak readers…)
I swear I’ll stop.
I promise.
I’m done.

but! today I’m focusing this post on the things I just can’t get enough of lately!!

1. chocolate milk + my polka-dot straws
I’ve just been wanting chocolate lately, for some reason, and a bit of chocolate syrup swirled into my milk has been the perfect (and not-so-terrible for me!) cure to my craving!
plus, I’m drinking more milk… strong bones, you know. 😉milk2
but these STRAWS. how cute are they?!
ou can get a package of 20 of them at target for just a couple of dollars!
I’ve had these for a while, but just recently pulled them out and started using them. they make drinks so much happier, don’t you think?! 🙂
yi, in case you’re worried that my eating habits are being disobedient to my meal plan, I totally had a bunch of carrots and strawberries with this chocolate milk.
just in case you were worried.
you know…

2. spring-y clothes
sooo… it’s not consistently warm enough just yet to pull out the shorts and t-shirts… 😦 BUT! I am making things a little more spring-y but hauling out the pieces of my wardrobe that feature lace, florals, and soft spring colors…
like today’s outfit!
high-waisted black denim from h&m pairs perfectly with my cream-colored lace shirt from forever 21 tucked-in just so.
my nana’s vintage bangle, my real pearl necklace from my parents, and my stud earrings from charming charlie complete the outfit, along with my prescription sunglasses from zenni optical ($20!!), a small shell trinket clasp, and a hundred-year-old book for reading.

3. my birthday gift from my ladies-in-law
are you guys seeing this?!
loose leaf tea and a diffuser mug straight from teavana, people!!

I am so. in. love.

of course, I had to try it out late last night before going to bed.
late night tea? um, yeah.

(of course using my sweet little mystery teapot to boil the water!!) 🙂
present9the tea was coconut blood orange, and it was pretty darn lovely!
definitely unlike anything I’d ever tasted, and so perfectly naturally sweet that I didn’t even need to use honey.

and I LOVED how I could simply remove the diffuser from inside of the mug, and then just drink my tea– no extra dishes required!! 🙂

my ladies-in-law are pretty darn splendid, and I just love my new mug for tea ❤

all in all a pretty swell day!
liz lemon3
don’t kill me.


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