meal prep food is fast food. that is all.

well, it’s day one of eating my prepared lunches, and I must say…
it’s going swimmingly.


I rushed around getting some errands done this morning (I think this is the first time I’ve ever returned a red box movie the next day…) and knocking bunches of things off my weekly to-do list!
(which, if I might add, has grown quite a bit since this photograph was taken…)
(by the way, if you totally love that to-do list, you can download it for free here!)

when I got home I was feeling accomplished (yeah!), but super hungry.
like “rawr, I’m going to start eating you if you don’t feed me” kind of hungry.
(that was supposed to be my stomach’s dialogue, if that was unclear)

was all of that just super weird…?

I think I might actually be liz lemon…

moving on.

instead of grabbing the tortilla chips or other junk, I just snatched one of my pre-made meals from the fridge, stuck it in the microwave for a couple minutes, and voila!
and, I mean, with food this fast at home, who needs fast food, am I right??


now, if you’ll excuse me, I think those pre-washed and sliced strawberries hiding out in the fridge are calling my name.

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