getting inspired // meal prep and food

okay guys.

here’s the truth.
I’ve wanted to do serious meal-prepping for months now.
my brain know that’s the smart way to have healthy foods in reach and make dinner simpler.

buuuut I’ve kept putting it off (why, moriah, why!).
no longer, guys!

this monday, I WILL food prep.
that’s my big goal for next week, and I must stick to it.
I’m really quite excited to start this new adventure. (read: I need to clean out my fridge anyway)

while it might sound silly or small, I think it’s going to make a serious difference in how I approach my food.
meaning, it’s going to make a serious difference in my health!
after all, it’s 80% what you eat and 20% exercise, so I might as well put some real effort into that 80%.

also, I’ve decided I need to start breakfast and lunch planning, too.
otherwise, I just poke around in the fridge, decide I don’t really feel like washing and peeling something, try to hunt down something in the pantry, and end up eating… nothing. or a cheese stick. or whatever. it’s just no good.
so, from now on, I’ll be including those things (breakfast and lunch) in my weekly meal plans, as well.

I really want to set myself up for success in this area.
I know if I don’t, I’ll fail, become discouraged, and give up.
like I said, I need to put some real effort into this! 🙂

to do so, I’m compiling a list of food to be prepared, and the items I’ll need to make it happen.
and here it is:

carrots– peeled, washed, cut and stored in a glass jar with filtered water
celery– washed, cut, and stored in a glass jar with filtered water
cucumbers– washed, sliced, and stored in a glass jar
berries and/or grapes– washed and stored in a glass jar
melon– cut and stored in a glass jar
green tea– pre-brewed and stored in fridge

pre-made jar salads x3
pre-made meals x3 (deli meat or part of chicken breast, rice, and a vegetable, ready to heat up)

lemon/lime wedges– pre-sliced and stored in air-tight container
veggies– pre-sliced and stored in jars for weeknight meals
meat– pre-cooked and chopped/sliced/shredded (if applicable), stored in freezer for weeknight meals
large greens- rinsed, air-dried, and placed in large plastic baggies with paper towel for extra moisture, stored in fridge

several large glass jars (I already have a few, so hopefully I won’t have to purchase any!)
baggies (snack, sandwich, and gallon size)
air-tight containers (I have some glass and some plastic!)
good music (for playing while I spend a couple hours trying to figure this thing out 😉 )

thankful that all of those things seem to be pretty basic items that most people would have in their home.
it really does seem like anyone can do this!
(why have I been putting it off?)


for all you smart food-preppers out there, is there anything I missed?
anything I should know?
I’ll definitely let you know on monday how it goes! 🙂

here’s to new things involving organization!

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