perfecting the care package / day 15 of 27

there are a few things every gal should have down pat by the time she turns 21.
you know, the basic stuff- how to cook a decent meal for herself, what to wear to a job interview, how to successfully consume in one night all the junk food that was supposed to last her until the end of the week… just me? okay.

one of these things every girl should know, is how to assemble the perfect care package, to be sent to friends going through breakups, job losses, friend troubles, or just general sucky parts of life (ya know?), when you are not close enough to physically buy them that venti pumpkin spice latte and sit on their floor with them for six hours.
a care package is the perfect way to say “hey, I love you, and I’m sorry that boys are still seventh-grade-stupid.” or “hi, I miss you, and that company will too, when they realize what an awesome person you are.” or “you’re awesome, they suck, and I like you.”
get your mushy, sensitive side on, guuuurl! 😉

or, it could be a “just because” box! I love making just because boxes… just because I love the people in my life!

have no fear!

if you haven’t managed to master this (oh so very) important life skill, I have provided you with a diagram below, to create a care package that lorelai gilmore, herself, would be pretty pumped to receive.
(obviously, each care package will look different, because the recipients are different!)
1 | hand-written note. preferrably in a cute envelope like this one.
2 | note book to write all her feelings down in. bonus points if it’s covered in cute, pastel-toned leaves. 😉 just make sure whatever you buy is cute and comforting-looking (I swear that’s a thing.)
3 | something decent to eat for breakfast (she’ll need it, after all this junk food!) I picked a yummy protein bar, a packet of maple almond butter to spread on toast, and her favorite fruit, dried. you could add an instant oatmeal packet, granola, or a single serving packet of nuts, too!
4 | something to get her day going after her night of eating junk food. I picked fair trade, organic coffee. other options would be- caffeinated tea, instant lattes, or instant coffee packets
5 | comfort food for dinner. I picked alphabet noodles for noodle soup! other options would be- mac n cheese, ramen, or even a gift card to her favorite open-late, delivery place.
6 | girly pampering items/necessities, like chapstick, cheery nail polish, feminine products, or hand lotion. you could also try mini candles, mini body spray or perfume, a sleep mask, cozy socks, etc…
7 | chocolate. this should be a given, ladies. give her whatever form of chocolate she likes best! my girl loves dark chocolate, so I grabbed this dark chocolate-pomegranate candy. howeverany other kind, such as a hershey’s bar, m&m’s, any chocolate candy, mini bottle of chocolate syrup, or chocolate straws for milk would work!
8 | popcorn, for while watching chick flicks. duh. I grabbed some of the light butter and sea salt variety. you could always get kettle korn, extra butter, or whatever she likes!  **BONUS POINTS IF YOU ACTUALLY INCLUDE A MOVIE!**
9 | other movie snack, this could be literally anything, but I chose barbecue-flavored chick peas. pretzels, trail mix, jerky, or pretty much anything else would work here.
10 | not pictured, but TISSUES. seriously, people. do not, do not, do not forget the tissues. get one of those cute little designed packs. pretty tissues for sad girls is basically the biggest win-win that ever won.


wrap the breakfast things up together with a reminder to “have a good breakfast, so you can get out there and kick today’s butt!”
do the same with other “like” items-
(I highly suggest wrapping those tissues with the movie-night bundle!)
“don’t forget to take care of yourself. make sure you have a good dinner!”
“hope this will help you stay comfy and feel pretty”
“put on your comfiest jammies, and munch and sob away to your favorite chick flick”

I know not everyone is good with letter-writing.
however, it just so happens to be my specialty 😉 so sit tight, and take notes, because here’s how to write the perfect letter to a sad girl.

1 | be depressed with her for a sec- you know, “this sucks, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this” etc.
2 | give her permission to feel just how deeply it sucks- “take the rest of today and use the stuff in this care package. tonight you get to be sad as excessively as you want!”
3 | but hold her accountable!- “but tomorrow, wake up, brew this coffee, and eat your breakfast.”
4 | affirmation- “then put on your favorite underwear, pull up your big girl pants, and kick the world’s butt BECAUSE YOU’RE YOU, AND YOU CAN!”
5 | tell her a million times how much you love her!
6 | and remind her to call, like her mom the best friend you are. ❤


check out the super cute just-because-box I’ve been working on!!

just because

don’t forget to decorate the outside, too!

just because2
just because3
just because4
just because5


I can’t wait to mail this one!!
whether yours is intended to cheer up, or just surprise with a little fun, you can’t go wrong with this perfect little assortment of goodies for your friends 🙂


5 thoughts on “perfecting the care package / day 15 of 27

  1. Oh my goodness, this is awesome! I need to make one of these for my friends! Gah. I have so many ideas, yet no idea of what to put in it at the same time! Haha. I think I just got an idea of what to give my friend for her 21st 🙂


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