what the avricks eat / day 14 of 27

hiya peeps! 🙂

today’s the weekly menu plan monday post, where I get to go on and on about what I’m stuffing in my mouth this week!
this past saturday, I discovered some loveliness at central market… potatoes and fresh corn on the cob for just over half of what I’d been paying at the grocery store!!!

bye bye giant!

from now on, all my fresh produce is coming from market!
I’ll be waking up extra-early and taking a trip there tomorrow morning to grab my fruits and veggies before husband goes to work.
(but he doesn’t have his night class this week! one less late-night dinner for the avricks! woohoo!)

seriously, when a box of locally grown potatoes is $2.00 & fresh lancaster corn is two ears for $1.25, how do you resist?!

but I’m supposed to tell you what I’m stuffing into my mouth this week 😉

monday // pineapple teriyaki pork chops (woohoo spring flavors!) with potato wedges
tuesday // bacon, apple, and feta flatbread
wednesday // omlettes & bacon with fruit
thursday // home made chili lime chicken and rice burritos
friday //garlic parmesan pasta with salad
saturday // chicken noodle soup
sunday // olive garden takeout


and then…
birthday week menu!!
since I’d rather not go shopping on my birthday (which is on a monday… my shopping day), I decided to whip up a two-week menu and do all my shopping in one week, instead of two! while I may have to grab some new produce on week two, it won’t be a birthday interruption! 🙂

monday 21st BIRTHDAY!!// red robin (I get a free burger for my birthday, and we’ve got gift cards to cover drinks! 😉 )
tuesday // pot pie over baked potatoes
wednesday // grilled chicken & apple salad with cornbread
thursday // one-pot red wine pasta with salad
friday // shepherd’s pie
saturday // orange chicken stir fry
sunday // home made bacon mac n cheese

other birthday goodies to expect, include:
chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (made by hubby ❤ )
dark chocolate bundt cake & coconut chai ice cream

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