one pan pasta dinners. because I love you. / day 13 of 27

don’t you just hate doing the dishes?

when you live in a small wildly tiny apartment (like ours), without a dishwasher, doing the dishes is even more of a chore.
I mean, I don’t do the dishes! my wonderful, incredible, amazing, selfless hubby does them 😀 (thanks, babe, you’re the bomb dot com!)
but then we have to open up the leaves of our little table in order for him to have a place to set them between the washing and the drying, thereby completely intruding on any open walking space that may have resided there, and it’s basically the worst.

the worst.
I’m whining.
I don’t care.

so, any dinner that takes up as few dishes as is humanly possible, is pretty much the greatest in his book (and mine)!
and, in researching dinners for the next two weeks (because I don’t really want to go grocery shopping on my birthday next week…) I came across a plethora of what is soon to be my absolute favorite genre of food (that’s not a thing, is it…?).

*drumroll puh-lease*


that’s right, my fair ladies and handsome gentlemen!
one pan for everything!
one pan in which to create the incredible deliciousness that is a pasta dinner!
one pan to move straight from stovetop to table hot-plate!
one pan to clean when dinner is done!!!!

aw, I love you, too 😉

here are the six that jumped out to me whilst perusing pinterest today.
(totally hop over to my pinterest to see lots more tasty recipes, too!!)
click on the name to be taken to the recipe!

1. one pan coconut shrimp noodle bowls from bev cooks

2. creamy lemon one-pot pasta from diethood

3. one pot red wine pasta from a beautiful mess
red wine pasta

4. simply one pot pasta from damn delicious

5. paprika white wine bucatini from i will not eat oysters

6. one pot garlic parmesan pasta from damn delicious

I have a feeling some of these are definitely going to be making their way into my two-week menu… especially the red wine pasta and the garlic parmesan pasta.
guys, I’m seriously drooling over heeeeereee….

but anyway.

will any of these find themselves in your kitchens and tabletops, too? 🙂
which looks like a new family favorite?

2 thoughts on “one pan pasta dinners. because I love you. / day 13 of 27

  1. I just made a one-pot-meal this week which included rice, pork chops and veggies. LOVE that it cooked all in one large skillet!


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