gadgets / day 10 of 27

hello darlings ❤

so sorry I’ve been a little slack in my content the past couple of days
I can 100% guarantee I didn’t plan on hives and nausea (booo) 😦
but I am proud of the fact that I still wrote something… which is better than nothing! I’m determined not to let anything get in the way of a FULL three weeks of content!!

but no longer!
today, I’m going to share with you my all-time favorite kitchen gadgets.
tomorrow, I’ll let you in on some recent thoughts drifting around in my head about church.
and friday, I’m making ICE CREAM! and of course I’ll show you guys all the fun!



(in case you’re wondering, the chairs are from IKEA, and they’re lovely; the table is an antique from my parents)

lass pitcher: Target
metal pitcher: Target
strainer: TJ Maxx
both cutting boards: Bed Bath & Beyond
cast iron tea kettle: World Market
really love my $2.50 clearance steal ❤
can’t wait to use this guy at my birthday table setting!
is there any utensil more homely than the lowly wooden spoon? my momma bought them for me when I went to college, and they’re my favorites ❤
also, that’s my lovely metal pitcher…!
my adorable, retro strainer! I use this almost daily for noodles, freshly rinsed veggies, just to look cute… you name it!
cutting boards! the silent heroes of kitchen work! 🙂 I love my wooden one for serving, too.
measuring spoons: Home Goods // oh so pretty I can hardly stand it ❤
measuring cups: William Sonoma // these little guys are tough and virtually unbreakable!
adorable, tiny, ceramic pitcher from Target ❤
we love this wedding gift-  a french press from Bed Bath & Beyond. perfect for lazy days off, sipping the brew in our jammies
also from Bed Bath and Beyond, this lovely little wok creates the most delectable stir frys… and that blue!! I’m so in love…
okay, so this stone ware pan might have the wooden spoons beat for most homely… but it cooks like none other, and nothing ever sticks. it definitely earns its place here on my list of all time favorite kitchen gadgets! it was given to me be a dear lady at the church J and I attended before we were married. every time I use it I’m so thankful for her!
my stacking glass bowls!! I use these every single day… everything from holding pre-measured spices, to beating cookie dough, and everything in between. these bowls are a life saver. they’re also from Bed Bath & Beyond.

well, there you have it! my list of must-have, most-used kitchen gadgets!
I don’t know how to work a kitchen without them! 🙂

what are your most-favorited kitchen items?

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