what the avricks eat / day 8 of 27

hi friends!
can I just say that today it is simply glorious outside?! I mean, I’ve got the windows open (even drove with the windows down!), and the little window plants are just soaking up the sunlight and fresh, fresh air… ❤ mmm yes, spring is on its’ way, and I LOVE it!

I know I’ve talked recently about trying to get more of the good stuff and less of the bad into our diets, and I can proudly say that today I bought ALL good stuff while grocery shopping! yeah! (…well, except for maybe the heavy whipping cream I bought, which I’ll be using for a very special trial dessert later this week…) I’m so excited to divvy up the veggies into snack-size baggies all ready to grab from the frigde… but that’s for tomorrow’s to-do list!

for now… it’s that time again- the monday menu plan! I’m cooking up some tasty stuff this week; bringing back some old favorites (orange chicken stirfry + chicken pot pie!) and trying out some new goodies (garlic parm pasta + lemon basil chicken)! Already, the chicken is thawing for our stir fry, and I’m anxious to eat up.

monday / orange chicken stir fry
tuesday /grilled chicken on salad
wednesday / breakfast for dinner (omlettes + bagels with cream cheese)
thursday / chicken pot pie filling over mashed potatoes
friday / burgers + fries
saturday / one pan creamy, garlic parmesan pasta + roasted carrots
sunday / lemon basil chicken + corn muffins


this week I’m making HOME MADE ICE CREAM!
I’ve found a few recipes online and have perused their advice and taken notes on their notes, and I am SO PUMPED to try this!!
let me know what flavor I should make! current idea is chai ❤

till tomorrow, my sweets! 🙂

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