birthday planning / day 7 of 27

I kind of love birthdays.

others’, my own, it doesn’t matter… I just love them!

and what I equally love are intimate, farm-to-table dinner parties with incredible food and great company with conversation that winds on for hours.

while my dear friends happen to be scattered across the eastern seaboard, my sweet mama and daddy will (hopefully) be dropping by our little apartment on my birthday this year. (wheee!) so, of course, I’ve been birthday-dreaming what the perfect little spring dinner lunch party for three (or four, if J happens to not be working!) would look like…

salad + bread / spinach, blueberries, sugar snap peas, feta + rosemary farmers market bread
appetizer /oven-baked, savory flatbread with blueberry jam, apple, feta, and fresh basil
main course / grilled chicken with blueberry balsamic sauce
side dishes / salt and vinegar potato skins + baby roasted vegetables
dessert / dark chocolate bundt cake sprinkled with powdered sugar + homemade chai ice cream

**all images and their links can be found here on my pinterest birthday board**

salad bread





grilled chicken blueberry sauce


chocolate and chai


are you drooling yet?!

but really, I am so over the moon about this yummy birthday dinner.
I hope to light a couple candles, grab my very prettiest dishes, sketch out a menu on some leftover kraft paper, and really make it a cozy affair.
I can scarcely think of a better way to spend the beginning of 21 🙂

what are some of your favorite dishes to serve at a dinner party?


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