ride out with me // day 4 of 27

so today started with vomiting at the gym. (sorry, did I gross you out? 😉 )

whenever a day starts out poorly, I tend to have pretty low expectations of the rest of it. I don’t know if it’s lack of faith or my unfortunate pessimism, but it’s just the way it is.

fortunately, today was not a downward spiral day. (huzzah!)

I met up at cafe 1 8 with a gal who’s got a real great head on her shoulders and heart in her chest.
over chai and a chocolate-dipped macaroon, some real heart gushing about the intense faith-life we’re living happened.



you see, if you haven’t noticed by now, grace is my favorite word.

grace is the beginning of all hope and the end of all guilt.
it’s the platform for the gospel and the heart of the faith we claim to have.

without grace we are nothing.

without grace we are messes with no hope of becoming clean.

grace takes uneducated, clueless men and throws them into the fray and pulls them out wiser and empathetic.

grace takes terrified, depressed, worry-ridden children and makes them the bold proclaimers of justice and truth.

grace makes us alive.

grace saves our souls.

grace is the heartbeat of every good thing.

grace is the depth of God.

and as I sat and conversed with this woman whose face was lit with purpose, the reality of grace once again washed me over and tumbled me about in its ocean.

recognize and hold the grace, friends.

it’s what everything’s all about.

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