lunchtime! / day 2 of 27

I’m super happy, you guys! 🙂
it’s RAINING outside, and it’s 46 degrees.
I just got two new, great big, spring-smelling candles on a 2 for $6 clearance.
tomorrow it is going to be 61 degrees.

I came home from dropping J off at work (and stopping by the grocery to pick up a sweet potato I forgot to get the other day) and started hunting around for some lunch.

I have a weird issue with food.
sometimes I’ll be home alone all day, working on things, designing, cleaning, whatever, and I get so busy or distracted that I forget to eat. so I either grab whatever’s most handy and continue working, or I continue to starve until dinner and consume an abnormal amount of food. not good!!
besides that, I get winter grocery store blues when they don’t have good produce.

does anyone else have a tough time eating well during the winter?

just me?

cause all I want when it’s cold out is something warm and cozy, and there aren’t too many healthy, fresh foods that seem to fit that bill… am I right?!

now that it’s march, and the rain outside is starting to melt the snow, I’ve gone into terror mode, realizing that in a month or so, shorts are going to be the proper outfit choice for the weather, and, uh, my legs are fearful of that day. so in addition to hitting the gym, I’ve been trying to find ways of eating better food now.

I’ve never been one of those people who buys “snack packs” of things, for convenience. I’d rather spend less and do a little extra work myself.
but for some reason, it’s a lot easier to reach into a big bag of chips than a big bag of baby carrots.
so, I’ve started to suck it up and buy snack packs of veggies.
I think the main thing for me is, “is it as easy to grab a healthy snack as it is an unhealthy one?”

if not, I’m probably not going to bother.
(just being honest!)

it doesn’t help that my wonderful husband could practically eat a horse and continue to be a trim, fit, super ridiculously attractive human. *sigh*


here are some things I’ve started buying that make it easy for me to eat healthfully:
veggie snack packs (carrots, celery, snap peas, etc)
yogurt (you could even grab some plastic spoons, if you don’t want to have to wash the spoon!)
cheese sticks
pink lady apples (okay, so I have to wash these… you could buy the snack packs if you wanted!)
mini cucumbers (just rinse and dip in your favorite dressing!)
applesauce cups


these may not be fruits and veggies, but they’re still probably better than whatever else you might be snacking on!
almond or pistachio snack packs
mini rice cakes (like the Quaker ones!)
pop chips (I can’t even eat normal potato chips anymore… these ruined me!)

I haven’t gotten to the point of buying the dip/peanut butter snack packs yet, but those are out there, too!
I just use a spoon for peanut butter, or tiny tupperware with a lid for dip- that way I can save it if I don’t finish it all 🙂

something else I’m going to start doing, is buying fruit, then washing, slicing into bite-size pieces, and putting them in snack baggies in the fridge. it’s a little more work up-front, but I know I’d eat them if they were just sitting there, conveniently ready to snack on!


come summertime, I’m planning to try my hand at making popsicles out of fresh fruit, and tons of smoothies!!

for now, I’ll publish this post, finish my carrots, and light my new spring candle before it’s time to pick up the husband and hit the gym 😉

moriah ❤

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