/ snow day apple crisp for two /

as I pin countless images of beaches, ice cream cones, and the occasional summer bonfire, the reality is that I am wrapped like a burrito in sweaters and blankets, sitting on a bed piled high with yet more blankets, pretending that the glaring white I can actually feel through the window is a white sand beach and not more snow. yep. it’s gotten to that point.

even my little plant friends are looking sadly out the window, yearning for spring…

so, after popping a batch of home-made jiffy corn muffins in the oven, in an attempt to fill our apartment with a little more heat, I am blogging the recent memory of home made (I swear) apple crisp for two.

yesterday, we were snowed in (eep!) and husband got the day off of work.
so we bundled ourselves in blankets, became one with the couch and watched the Lord of the Rings (some obnoxiously deep thoughts on that in a later blog post).

but before all of that happened, I reached deep, got in touch with my inner domestic goddess, and made some incredible (if I do say so myself) home made apple crisp… from scratch.
yeah. I’m just that good, you guys. 😉

plated crisp2
ee what I mean?!

this is quite possibly the easiest dessert ever.

no lie.

I totally messed up and put the wrong amount of flour in, then had to awkwardly and badly and not-quite-accurately compensate with the rest of the ingredients.

and it still came out beautifully.

you cannot go wrong with this.

the ingredients are things you most likely always have on hand (with the exception of one optional spice), and the amount is perfect for two to share.

I used a mini 5×7 baker to make mine, but I’m sure you could use two even smaller, personal-size bakers, too, if you so desired 🙂

making apple crisp ONE

making apple crisp7

you’ll need ::
2 very large apples
1/4 cup flour
4 TBSP brown sugar
2-3 TSP white sugar (depending on how sweet you like things)
2-3 TSP cinnamon (depending on how spicy you like things 😉 ) with a little more for sprinkling
1 TSP ground cloves
1/2 TSP ground cardamom **optional: if you like chai, you’ll love this!**
1 TSP pure vanilla extract
2 TBSP milk
butter (sliced)- about half a stick


peel those apples! …badly, while wearing cute clothes.

making apple crisp4

then kind of slice/shave off thin pieces into your mini baker.
making apple crisp2

and pour the milk and vanilla over the apples…
making apple crisp


slice some butter, and put the slices on top of the apples. be generous!
making apple crisp8


oh! don’t forget to set your oven to 350.
(and ignore the bacon grease splatters on my oven knobs…)
making apple crisp6

then mix all your (correctly measured! 😉 ) dry ingredients together

and pour it over your apples.
making apple crisp3

I didn’t take a picture of this, but ADD MORE BUTTER! that’s what makes the topping so yummy, bubbly, and finally crispy and soft all at once. I actually took the crisp out of the oven half way through cooking time and added a little more butter where the topping hadn’t been touched by the other melting butter yet. 😉 no shame!

then, put that yummy deliciousness into your oven and BAKE for 20-25 minutes.
like I said, feel free to take it out halfway through and add more butter if your inner domestic goddess tells you to do so 😉

making apple crisp5



apple crisp
plated crisp

serve with a great big scoop of vanilla ice cream… and maybe some milk, too.

plated crisp2
plated crisp3

and then enjoy the so full, tummy-happy aftermath…

plated crisp4


there you have it!
apple crisp for two- perfect for these never-ending snow days!!


4 thoughts on “/ snow day apple crisp for two /

  1. The recipe sounds delicious, but I must confess I really love the photo of your little plants. They look how I feel, wishing for the snow to melt at last! Thank for the smile!


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